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Xdate pipeline automation based on business type, commercial, Personal

The X-date Pipeline comes with a new upgrade. Now, easily trigger X-date automation for contacts and accounts based on their account type and specified X-date associated with each.

To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to the Pipelines module and click on the three-dots (…) icon. 
  • Next, choose “Pipeline Settings” from the dropdown options.
  • Within Pipeline settings, Click on X-date Pipeline.

Note: We have now  introduced a range of additional features within the X-date Pipeline. Now, you can run X-date automation on contacts and accounts based on their account type such as personal, commercial or other and depending upon its specified X-date a deal card will be generated.

  • For example, if a contact or account is categorized as “personal,” to initiate automation, its X-date must match the specified date. Once this condition is met, the X-date automation will create a deal card.

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