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State Filter in Create List

Now you can create a list in the engagement section for a particular city in a state. To have a list of the contacts of a specific city within a state, you need to:

· Navigate to Engagement

· Click on Lists

· Scroll down to select the state from which you want to view the contact

The contacts with the selected city and state mentioned will be visible in the list. If a client or contact with an address of the selected city and state is having either an email id or phone number or both will be visible in the list.


How to create a New List?

If the client or contact is not having any email id or phone number, it will not be displayed in the list.

The list may show ‘n’ number of data and if you want a specific amount of data to be displayed so in that case you can select any number of data they want and can save it with a name. This way, it will create a new list.

Live list option

There is also a live option. After filtering the data based on city and state, you can click on the live button and give any description for that and save it. This list will be displayed as a live list in the list library.

Once saved, a success notification will generate.

Note: If the contacts that you have saved have any duplicate email id or phone numbers, it will count as you while saving the list.

There are six categories in the contact module- All, active, inactive, prospect, others, leads. These categories are also available in the list. So, contacts only from the above categories will be available while saving the list.

In case of the live list: If any new contact is added with a separate email id and phone number, it will also get displayed in that list.

Note: City and state filters are not available for x date, pipeline, and CSV upload.

It is only available for All, active, inactive, prospect, others leads.

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