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Select Mandatory Fields

Mandatory fields build consistency in the system, to extract values, and provide the basis for analysis. The Customized mandatory fields functionality in settings allow you to select specific fields and mark them as required in Contacts or Pipeline manager modules – Deal Cards!

This setting is available only when you login as an Administrator.

Mandatory fields for Add Deals

Steps to mark the required fields:

  • Navigate to the Settings module and select the Customize field option from the left.
  • On the Customize add deals segment, click on the grey toggle button to enable mandatory fields.
  • When the toggle changes to orange, it indicates that the field is marked as mandatory in the Contacts and Pipeline Manager module.

Settings >> Customize fields

Enhancement August 2022

More Mandatory Field Options While adding a Deal Card

Now the admin can add Mobile Phone, Email, and Category as mandatory fields while adding a deal card.

To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Click on Mandatory fields under Configuration

  • Click on Add Deal

  • Check the box to mark the fields as Required

  • Once completed, you will be notified with the message “mandatory fields are updated”

Once the admin has set these as mandatory fields, agents will be required to complete these fields while adding a deal card in the pipeline.

Mandatory fields for Add Contacts

While adding contacts you can mark certain fields as mandatory. Navigate to Setting>Customize field> Customize Add Contacts. Click to toggle for enabling or disabling the fields for marking as mandatory. Orange indicates enabled and the grey indicates disabled. The field titles with * on the Add Contact screen implies that the records should be filled compulsorily.

Enhancement August 2021

Add Labels in the Mandatory Fields when adding a deal card

Admin can now make the Label field mandatory while adding a deal card.


To view this enhancement:

  • Navigate to user icon

  • Click on settings

  • Click on Configuration

  • Select on mandatory Fields

  • Click on Add Deals

  • Check the box beside labels as required.

  • You will get a message saying mandatory fields updated.

  • Once the Label field is made mandatory, any agent while adding a deal card cannot save it until they fill in the label field.

Redirection to Contact 360 from Email Campaign Analytics

Redirection to Contact 360 from Email Campaign Analytics

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