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Dial pad- Ongoing call — Gather User Input via Keypad

This is in Beta phase and may not be activated for most of you!

Dial pad feature is provided so that during an ongoing call, users have a selection option to connect to the right department/contact.

How to use the dial pad while on an ongoing call?

  • Navigate to call log icon from top right
  • Click on the keypad button (a the bottom if the keypad is hidden then click on Show Keypad)


  • Enter the number and call
  • Click on the call button to connect the call.

This keypad is basically the dial pad that can be used for dialing a number.

  • You can also make a call from the call log section, where you will get the call option if you hover the cursor over the outgoing numbers.
  • Once the call starts getting connected a keypad is provided for entering certain options to get connected to the desired extension.  

Enhancement: March 2021

Drag & Drop feature of the Calling Popup

We believe in multi-tasking! So, we always encourage our users by providing features through which they can multitask. While placing a call through the InsuredMine portal, you can work on the portal without any interruption. You can easily drag and drop the calling popup from one place to another, in case it creates a visual barrier while you are working in the portal. This will help to multitask!

Click on the keypad button (if the keypad is hidden then click on Show Keypad)

Enhancement: March 2021

Calling Feature Improvement

Keypad enhancement:

In the keypad (dial pad) you can find the number from which the call is being connected.

  • Enter the number to call.
  • Click on the call button to call.
  • While a call is placed now you can see the call status and the duration of the ongoing call. You can also view the dialed number.
  • You can drag and drop the dial pad while incoming and outgoing calls.

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