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Voice Calling

With the new calling feature implemented on the portal, you can increase customer engagement by making, receiving and monitoring calls at your fingertips. You can quickly make and receive voice calls in your application.

The calling feature is available at various places all-over the Agency portal:

1. Click on the call icon to make a call from the Contacts and Client Message Board widget on the Dashboard.

2. From the Accounts section, click on the call option from the action button or click on the contact to go to the Account360 View and then click on the call button beside the contact name and number.

3. In the Pipelines, you can make and receive calls directly through the particular deal card just by clicking on the phone icon.

For every call made from the portal, a recording is saved automatically in the timeline of the client. You can listen to the recording from the deal card history from the Pipelines and under the Calls tab from Account360 View for all calls made from the Directory and the Dashboard. 

Deal card:

Accounts360 View: 

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