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How to connect your RingCentral account with InsuredMine?

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Ringcentral is the smart calling tool that allows agents to make calls, send text messages, take notes, and maintain log calls automatically. To use the RingCentral tool, you need to connect your InsuredMine account with RingCentral.

How to connect your InsuredMine account with RingCentral?

  • Click on the user icon and select settings.

  • Click on integrations from your left panel, you will find the RingCentral section

  • Click on connect

  • Type in the phone number that you want to use to talk to your customers.

  • Click on continue.

  • You will be redirected to the RingCentral login page for authorization

  • You need to type in your email id or phone number (the pre-authorized RingCentral Number or Email id). You can also use your gmail to connect.

  • Click on next.

  • Type in your RingCentral account password

  • Click on Sign in

  • After you sign in you need to click on authorize to access the RingCentral calling and text messaging features.


  • Confirm the Emergency Address

You will get a message displayed saying: RingCentral connected successfully. So, now your RingCentral account got successfully connected to the InsuredMine account.


  • Next, you will have a pop-up where you need to connect your RingCentral number for outgoing calls and incoming calls. Enable and disable as per your choice.

  • To select the phone number for texting or calling, click on edit.

  • Select the number you want to use and click on update.

  • You will get a success notification saying: Your texting number updated successfully.
  • You will also have the connected stamp featured on the RingCentral image.




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