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Goal Settings (Activity)

Admin can set goals for the activities that the agent needs to perform. And based on the activity goal that is set by the admin for their agents, can evaluate and analyze the actual activities performed.

How to set new activity goals for the agents?

  • Navigate to Pipelines
  • Click the action button (3 dots) and select Settings
  • Click on Goal Settings (Activity)
  • In the dashboard, you will get an agent-wise view of the goal that is set for an agent vs actual activity that is performed by the agent.
  • To set a new activity goal for an agent, click on Add Goal
  • Select the particular month for which you want to set the goal, and the agent, for whom you want to get the goal.
  • Mention the total number of notes, tasks, files, email, text, calls, and calendar events, that you want to set as a target for the agent.
  • Click on save.

How to edit the activity goals for the agents?

  • Click on the edit icon that is placed on the right side of the table.
  • A panel will open from the right side will open where you can edit the goal that you had set previously.
  • Once you have made the changes, click on update.

How to delete the activity goals that you have set for the agents?

  • Click on the delete icon that is placed on the right side of the table.
  • A pop will arise asking to confirm the action.
  • Click on ‘Yes, delete it’, to delete the goal.

In Dashboard, where the activity goal will be represented?

In the dashboard, navigate to the Activities overview to see the detailed report of the Actual activity goal vs. Targeted goal that was set by the admin.

Note: Slide the toggle bar to select ‘team’ to view the activity report. And slide to ‘by me’, to view the detailed tasks performed by you.

In the team section if you want to have an agent-wise view, click on the number, a window will open, with detailed tasks allotted and achieved by each agent.

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