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List of Templates

We are working everyday to make it easy and convenient for producers and CSR to engage with your clients. We have created a repository of HTML email templates and are continuing to add more and more templates to this repository. In this release, we are adding 24 more templates as mentioned below. These HTML templates are available

List of templates added to template folder as a new user signs up.

Default Templates:

  1. General Birthday
  2. Referral Program
  3. Policy Renewal
  4. 65th Birthday
  5. Happy 4th July
  6. Thank you
  7. Umbrella Policy
  8. Policy Update
  9. Welcome a new customer
  10. Lost deal follow-up
  11. Thank you for trusting
  12. Personal Welcome
  13. Get in touch

Sharable Deal-board Automation:

  1. Thank you for requesting a quote
  2. Won deal
  3. Lost deal


  1. Life-no-home
  2. Life-no-auto
  3. Auto-no-life
  4. Auto-no-home
  5. Home-no-life

App Adoption:

  1. 3 days after new User signs up
  2. Meet Via – Why chatbot enhances customer service
  3. 7 days after new User signs up

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