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New Fields Available in Workflow automation for AMS360 users-Executive and Representative

If any AMS360 user creates a workflow he/she will get some added filter options Executive, Representative, Division, Branch, Department, and Group.

While adding workflow stages Executive and Representative options are provided in almost every section.

For email, there will be an option to send the email from the executive’s email or representative’s email.

For sending SMS, you can select the contact number of the executive and representative from which SMS is to be forwarded.

For adding triggers for tasks, you will also get the option to select the assignee as Executive or Representative.

For sending a Reminder also you will get the option of executive and representative to select the assignee.

Admin will also be able to choose the agents for whom you want to start the workflow.

Click on start to start the workflow that you have created.

Though you will set the workflow for any particular agent, the workflow will be visible to all agents.

Note: Agent cannot delete or modify the workflow, only the admin or the manager has the authority to edit or delete the workflow. Agents can only track the workflow.

These filters will be visible which are applied.

Note: If the workflow is set to trigger from the executive/ representative account, it will be sent from that account, but in case if the executive/representative account is not available it will be sent from the house account.

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