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Organize Files into Folders in Contact360

Now you can create folders to store all your documents in Contact 360.

To view the enhancement: 

  • Navigate to contact 360 of a contact.

  • Click on files

  • Click on the new folder

  • Give the folder name 

  • Click on save

  • In the file section, folders will be at the top of the list. Files will be below.


  • You can rename, move or delete the folder by clicking on 3 dots beside the folder name.

  • To rename the folder, click on  rename

  • Type in the name 

  • Click on update

  • To move the folder, click move, and select the folder from the list

  • Click on move here

  • To delete the folder, click on delete and confirm your action.
  • You can move the files too. Select the file, click on the 3 dots and click on move. 
  • Select the drive/ folder, where you want to move the file
  • Click on move here.
  • Once done, you will get a message saying:

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