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Policy delete restriction

Managing policy data is easier by providing restricted access for deleting policy information. The admin can control access for making changes, deleting, canceling, or reactivating Policy specifics. To avoid inconsistency and ensure responsible use of data, the Admin can enable or disable access for particular agents. Keeping the deleting option in fewer hands and serving the intended purpose helps in better monitoring of policy records.

To restrict Policy edit follow the steps mentioned below:

Note: Make Sure you log in as ADMIN

  1. Navigate to the Settings module 
  2. Click on the Restrictions tab on the left.
  3. Click on the toggle button beside Policy delete to disable or enable access for respective agents. Orange indicates enabled, grey indicates disabled. 

By default, the Policy Delete is enabled for all agents.
The Policy data field in the expanded Pipeline card is modifiable for all agents and the access for it cannot be restricted.

The restrictions are applicable in the following segments.

1. In the Policies module, the Actions column options i.e. delete and create deal are not available

2. The expanded policy card in the Policies module does not reflect delete option.

3. Action column for each policy and Delete selection for multiple policies under the Policy information segment in Contact 360 of the Accounts module is disabled.

Thus, policy delete becomes inoperable while the Policy number shows in Accounts, Policies, Contacts, modules. However, the agent with restricted access can still Add policy.

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