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Users, Roles, and Access

InsuredMine Agency Portal user accounts have four different roles:

  1. Admin
  2. Manager
  3. Agent
  4. CSR

Each role has its own set of access and permissions. If you aren’t sure if you have access to a certain feature of your account, please follow the chart below for additional information.

Assign Manager accessYes   
Assign User accessYesYes  
Create Deal StagesYes   
Access to others accountYesYes Yes
Add ContactsYesYesYesYes
Access Consolidated Data of all
agents ( CSRs can only view agent
data if its assigned to him)
YesYes Yes
Add Policy YesYesYes
Create and add templatesYesYesYesYes

Enhancement! August 2020

Data Access to all agents (On Request)

You can permit all agents to access other agents’ data of your agency. They will not have a role as “manager” but still will see all other agent’s data such as contacts, policies, accounts info, etc. The pipeline access will continue to be restricted to the Manager role. The agents will not be able to access the Pipeline of other agents.

Click on the ellipses (3 dots) on the Managers, Agents or CSRs header to apply the various access conditions to all users in the respective column.

Enhancement! June 2021

Edit Access – Report, Deal card, Template, Contact

Admin can control edit access for 4 new sections- Report download, Templates, Deal Card,and Contact. The purpose is to allow admin to customize access for each agent based on the requirement.

Note: You need to log in as Admin.

To view the enhancement:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Click on edit access.
  • For each agent, the admin can grant or revoke edit access for Policy, checklist, report download, templates, deal card, contact.

Note: Report Download, Templates, DealCard, and Contact are newly added features.

  • Move the grey toggle bar to grant access of the particular feature for the selected agent.

  • For change in access, you will get a notification saying: Edit access is granted or revoked successfully to the agent.


  • For download if feature is disabled you cannot download any report or list
  • For template is disabled, you will not be able to create, edit, or delete a template
  • If a deal card is disabled, you will not be able to delete or archive a deal card.
  • You will not be able to delete a contact, if it is disabled.

If the report download option is disabled for an agent, the agent will not have access to this button throughout the entire platform.  Report or data download option is available in accounts, categories, contact, policies, pipeline manager, tasklist, opportunities, reports, etc. So the download option in all these sections will be disabled.

If agent access to templates add/ edit/ delete is restricted, the agent cannot access the templates throughout the entire platform.

If contact delete is restricted, the agent will not be able to delete any contact or account.

If deal card delete have been restricted, the agent will not be able to delete a deal card.

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