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Manager access and control

In Insuredmine, the account owner as manager has access in a dual capacity, i.e. of the manager and an agent.

If you log in as manager of the agency, you can view the analytics of all agents. You control the agency with the help of statistical tools, reports, key performance indicators and many more similar solutions supporting better decision making. . You have certain privileges as a manager. The list of privileges in each module is mentioned below to offer a better understanding of the system. This data is related to books of business such as policies, premiums, accounts information of policyholders, for all agents assigned to you.
  1. Dashboard: The overview of the agency matrix can be seen on a Dashboard. Manager has access to vital statistics that help review the performance of the agency on the whole with information on deals, revenues, policies, carriers and task and goal management, etc..
  • The key permanence indicators(KPI) displayed on the dashboard show the numbers for complete agency for the manager. Active accounts, annual premiums, policies and carriers at the top of the dashboard indicate cumulative details of all agents in the respective categories.
  • The information in the widgets like Policy by expiration, Team performance, Carrier by business share, Activities overview, Clients By location, Contacts, Clients missing details, Carrier by business share, Policies by line of business , Top 10 list, Policy count by office location, daily highlights, Client Pulse, Client by gender displays the collective data for all agents.  This view is available only for managers and admin. However, these widgets show different charts for agents for viewing their individual data analytics.
  • Some widgets like email campaign overview, calendar events, Email live feed, Campaign live feed, Text messaging are for managers on an individual level and do not display information of all agents.
  • The notifications icon at the top right (bell) shows notification records for the entire agency.
2. AccountspoliciesCarriers and contacts module of Insuredmine are the same for agents and managers alike. 3. Pipeline manager module, the manager has three types of pipeline views, Shared, By agent and All. Shared pipeline view is accessible for all, but you as a manager can access dealboards of any agent by clicking on By Agent and selecting the name of the agent . It also allows you to perform certain actions like adding deals, policies and contacts for those agents in their pipeline and view analytics of all agents. All shows the pipeline deal cards for all the agents including those saved in their personal pipelines. The settings in pipeline manager allows you to set goals and start lost deal automation for a deal, you want to winback.
4. Engagements: You can create a list of contacts from the agency database and send an email or text campaign to those  prospects or clients as you have access to contacts of all agents. You can also create automation workflows for all the agents. Your screen will look like the sample here as seen  For agent category displays automation created by manager for agents John Doe and jake williams.The system also allows you to view Analytics of the workflow automation for all the agents assigned to you. Use case: Suppose 10 agents work for you, you can start any type of workflow for all 10 agents through the workflow automation as a manager.
Note: Email campaigns, bulk Text, Work email, Lists, Templates, Signatures, Single contact Drip and email Template builder works featuring the same functionality as for any other agent allowing you to work more on an individual level even as manager. 5. Tasklist: You can view the task records for all or selected agents from the task list tab in the left navigation. Click “Select Agent” and choose the agents to review the task list. 6. Payments: In the manager access, “Transaction overview” displays the payment statistics based on the inventories of all the agents. It also allows you to view stats related to particular agents which can be seen by clicking on the “Select Agent “ tab of the payment module.
7. Opportunities: Opportunities are related to the book of business, you can view the data of Renewals, X- Dates, Cross Sell and Winbacks for all the agents. 8. Reports: The reports of all agents can be viewed in the capacity of a manager. You may choose to view reports of particular agents by unchecking the box under select agents and click apply.
9. Setting: You can build certain processes being a manager.
  • Web quote form import from the website
  • Google Review widgets can be added to your agency website
  • Connect Zapier integration for some or all agents
  • Connect Lightspeed Voice for all agents assigned to you
Thus, Manager access allows reviewing data related to books of business of the assigned agents.There are few things that you can do only as an Admin and not Manager, such as creating pipelines, setting service board, setting round robin for deals, public intake notification settings, renewal pipeline settings,  assigning other agents as managers.  Also, the calendar schedules, email and texts are available to be used in individual capacity.

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