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An Insurance CSR refers to Customer Service Representative, the primary point of contact for any lead or client. This position is important for any insurance agency as major interaction with contacts takes place through CSRs.

For setting up your account as CSR – Click on the link  mentioned below: –

Now, You can login into Insuredmine platform with CSR credentials and access the following modules effectively.

  1. Dashboard: Get an overview of your business with data indices displaying active accounts, Policies, annualised premiums and Carriers. Find out information on clients by their location, Policies by expiration and line of business and much more. Track client’s missing information, connect with them through the clients message board, analyse email campaigns. Engage better with the help of functionalities in contact list, task list and daily activities.
  2. Accounts: Accounts module allows you to access the complete account details of all clients. If you have been assigned by multiple agents, you have the access to account information of their profile also. Click the “Select agent” option at the top centre of the accounts module, to view the respective agent’s account 360 records.
  3. Policies: The policy module displays the policy information on Policy category, account no, premium, effective and expiration dates of all policies written by you or your agent. The policies can also be viewed on the basis of X- dates. You can add policies based on the line of business such as home, auto, boat, BOP, etc.
  4. Carrier : Details of carriers premium value and policies written under each carrier are listed in the Carrier module. You can view the list for all agents or particular agents by clicking on the “Select Agents” tab. As shown below.

4. Contacts : You can add or remove contacts from the contact list. The records by default show the contact of all agents, but you can select specific agents lists as you wan. Click on “Select agents” and view contact information for active clients, inactive clients, leads, prospects and others.

5. Pipeline Manager: You can view and manage pipeline deal cards, work on them to perform many actions, such as Adding tasksAdding notesSending email,  Add fileScheduling appointmentsAdd activity Sending text messages. It also allows you to add drip campaigns, share cards with other agents, add assignee, set due date , add labels and much more.

Access settings of the pipeline manager module allows you to start lost deal automationset goals and setup triggers. Click on the gear icon and select Settings. Your screen would look like the  sample screen shown below.

6. Engagement : Email campaigns, Bulk texts, Automation, Work mail, signatures are related to your personal data. While you can create a list based on contacts data of all agents. Templates and single contact drip can be accessed to view information by all or specific agents.

7. Task List: The list of all the tasks assigned to you appear in the task list with priority, status, creation date,etc. The Assigned by column displays the name of the agent who has assigned the task to you.

8. Opportunities and reports can be viewed with respect to records of all agents.

9. Calendar: Data presented in the calendar is in virtue of personal information.

10. Payment: You can take payment if assigned by Admin, manager or agents.

11. Settings: The list of elements mentioned below allows you work through the respective functionalities.

  • Checklist Templates – You can add checklist in the pipeline manager
  • Change Password – You can change your Insuredmine Password for ensuring security and reducing risks.
  • Upload File – You can upload files from your system into Insuredmine
  • Xdate File Upload – You can Upload your X date files into Insuredmine.
  • Carriers – You can add or edit your carrier list.
  • Categories – You can search or add line of business to the list of policy category.

Click to learn more about users, roles and access .

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