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Win Probability Percentage in Deal Stages and Deal Chart

When you create a pipeline, you can set the win probability percentages. This feature will help agents to understand the chance of winning the deal. You can also view the deal charts based on the win probability percentage that you have set while setting the pipeline.

To view the enhancement:

  • Set the pipeline name, save and continue.

In Pipeline stages, set the stage and click on win probability and select the percentage. 

Note: You can set the win probability percentage from 10 to 100 %. And it is not mandatory to set the win probability percentage for all stages.


  • Click save and continue


  • Set the deal modules, deal custom data fields, pipeline access restriction. And click on save.

  • Your pipeline will be created

  • You can also edit the win probability percentage by clicking on the edit icon beside the pipeline page.
  • You can also view the deal charts based on probability value.
  • This deal chart will be available to the admin only.

Note: To view the deal charts based on probability values you need to remember to click on set the deal stages while creating the pipeline.

  • Navigate to Pipelines

  • Click on Deal Charts

  • Select Deal by Stages ( Snapshot)

  • Click either on the deal by count or deal by value and hover the cursor over the bar, you will find the count or value visible based on the pre-set probability percentage.


Note: The lines will never cross the bars in the deal charts.

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