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Merge duplicate records

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We continue to source data from multiple sources, it is natural that some of the duplicate records will be created. For the purpose of data integrity and clean data, it is important to have a single data block by merging essential fields of contact data. Use the Merge Duplicate option within a directory and consolidate data fields from both records. The page gives you a merge contact preview to select the right record manually before committing to it.

To merge duplicate records, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Contacts from the left navigation bar
  2. Select the record you want to merge
  3. Go to the right end and click on 3 dots.
  4. Select Merge Contact and another page will pop up
  1. Search for the customer that you know or suspect has a duplicate record.
  2. Use the radio button to select manually which data field you want to save between these two records.
  3. Review and finalize the merged record – in Merged Contact Preview box.
  4. Once satisfied, click on Merge Contact.
  5. You will get a final confirmation message to Merge before committing. Select Merge if confident.

Enhancement: March 2021

Merge Contacts for AMS Synced- To check the enhancement click here.

Enhancement:  June 2020

Merge Contact Library

Duplicate records can be confusing and misleading. In order to present data in simple and a precise view, we give you the opportunity to merge data with help of Contact Library to clean up your contact list.

When a contact is selected to be merged, the merge contact screen appears. Type contact name to find duplicate data in the Search contact box.The contact library or list of duplicate contacts is displayed.  Select the contact you want to merge. The merging process is the same as discussed earlier.

Note: If you are using an Agency Management System (AMS), in that case we don’t have merge contact functionality in our portal as data is coming from AMS. You need to update the changes in your AMS and that will automatically be reflected in IM.

Merge contact option is only available for clients who are using InsuredMine as CRM with no API integration with AMS.
Use case: Suppose an individual insurance agency uses the Agency Management System of Nowcerts, and wants to merge their contacts. The agency needs to first merge their contacts in Nowcerts, and it will get automatically reflected in the Insuredmine portal.

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