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Release Notes – September 2022

10th September Release

  1. Pipelines – Ability To Make Custom Fields Mandatory For Adding A Deal
  2. Pipelines – Manage Inactive Days For The Cards At Pipeline Stage Level
  3. Engagement – Anniversary Date Handling In Custom Automation
  4. Report – Schedule Report
  5. Carrier – Writing Carrier Distribution For The Parent Carrier In Parent Carrier Details Page
  6. Setting – Add XDate Automation For Inactive Clients
  7. Setting – Session Activity Timeout Setting
  8. Accounts – Logs Added To Account 360
  9. Pipeline – Pipeline Automation In The Pipeline Timeline
  10. Pipeline – Disable All Stages Of Pipeline Automation
  11. Engagement – Sync Email Campaign With AMS360
  12. eSignatures – Add New Contact Through eSignature
  13. eSignatures – Share Multiple Documents For eSignature
  14. Pipeline – Bypass The Pipeline Automation For Agents
  15. Pipeline – Enable Or Disable A Pipeline From The Pipeline Board
  16. Engagement – Share Multiple Templates

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