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Welcome Client Notification

Extending a warm welcome to a client is essential for establishing a good connection. Understanding your relationship with client InsuredMine helps build automated response through multi messaging channels for enhanced value and experience. Welcome client workflow enables you to present an impressive introduction, product feature details, general faq troubleshoots to the client and lots more.

Receive a Notification User list mail 3 days prior to the trigger date of welcome: Before the welcome workflow triggers for your users, you will receive an email confirming the user list and intended actions. Just in case you need to add some specifications or documentation along with the welcome mail or pause or delay the trigger for some clients, you can resume control of the campaign and make edits and proceed.

Note: In case the trigger date is set for less than 3 days, you will instantly receive email notification of the user list for the welcome workflow trigger on data refresh.

Mode – Both – Email and Sms to be triggered for the same day.- dynamic : Email and Sms both can be triggered for the same day by creating one stage for email and another stage for text message both set for the same days. There is no lapse of 3 days set on it. You can set the trigger of welcome workflow on the same day as the contact becomes a policyholder now.

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