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15 Insurance CRM Features That You Must Have


A CRM for insurance agents is a great way to streamline your operations and drive efficiencies in your business that reduce costs and increase profits. However, not all solutions offer the same benefits or provide the same results. Insurance CRM features vary from platform to platform, so it is important to know exactly what will help your business as you begin your search for a solution.


In this article, we’ll tell you the 15 key features you need to look for in an insurance CRM.   


Contact Management


The main purpose of a CRM is managing customer relationships, so every tool will have a feature for storing and managing customer names and contact information. It is a comprehensive database that allows you to keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers, and even social media accounts. Depending on the solution you choose, you can store purchase history and other information.


Lead Management


One of the insurance CRM features that is the most beneficial is lead management. With this feature, you can manage leads through your pipeline with identification, scoring, movement, and sales conversions. 


Interaction Tracking


You can drastically improve your customer service with interaction tracking. This enables your team to make notes on each customer interaction to allow for better collaboration as a contact moves between agents.   


Campaign Management


This feature allows you to create marketing campaigns that you can plan, execute, track, and analyze at the touch of a button. You can manage everything from a large campaign for a new product launch to a small drip campaign for brand promotion. 


Task Management


Never miss another deadline with task management. You can create tasks, set due dates, label priorities, and set reminders for the appropriate team members. Each team member can see a daily view of their tasks, and you can check in real-time for task completion.


Customer Segmentation


This insurance CRM feature allows you to organize and group your contacts into different categories like demographics, purchase history, or any other parameter you create to help your business and marketing needs. 


Email Integration


Look for an insurance CRM that allows you to integrate your existing email software like Outlook or Gmail. You will be able to easily create contact lists for your customer segments and communicate more easily internally. 


Pipeline Management


Pipeline management is a key feature of a CRM for insurance agents. You will have a precise snapshot of your entire pipeline and can track the status and progress of every stage of the sales funnel. This helps prevent leads from falling through the cracks and can improve your conversion rates. 


Workflow Automation


You can drive efficiency and improve service by automating repetitive tasks that take time out of your team’s daily routine. Workflow automation triggers specific actions in your CRM that can free up staff for revenue-generating activities without neglecting regular service interactions. 


Document Management


Document management features give you the ability to upload, store, and share documents in a central location, making it easy for your team to access information and collaborate on service. 


Quote and Proposal Management


With this function, you can create standardized quote and proposal templates, which your team can quickly populate and send to potential clients. This is much more efficient than manually creating a quote or proposal each time they are requested. 


Analytics and Reporting


Because a CRM captures so much data about your agency, you will also be able to get valuable insights through analytics and reporting. You will get a better picture of how well your sales efforts are working and can analyze your customers’ habits to generate better leads.


Revenue Management


You can use your CRM to automate billing and invoices for customers and vendors, track payments and expenses, and have a better understanding of your cash flow. You can also use the tool to make projections on futures sales and revenue based on past and current data and trends. 


Third-Party Integration


One of the most cost-saving insurance CRM features is third-party integrations. You can save money if your CRM has integrations for the software you use in your business, like QuickBooks, DocuSign, or MailChimp. 


Social Media


Social media platforms are a growing part of insurance agency marketing strategies, and a CRM tool with integrated social media monitoring features can save your team time in managing your social media accounts. 


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