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Automation for Insurance Agencies: 6 Tips for Success

Insurance Agency Automation at work


As your insurance agency grows and more and more tasks become based in technology, the need for a top-notch insurance CRM for your insurance agency automation becomes even more important. There are many ways insurance agency automation can help improve administrative efficiency to free up you and your agents for valuable facet time with your clients. 

Face time is important, even in a largely digital world. Many insurance clients still prefer in-person visits to their agent when they have questions or problems. For some, it is far easier to develop trust in their insurance agency through a personal relationship with their agent. And since nurturing existing relationships and maintaining a long-term customer base is essential to your agency’s success, it is important to make time for interactions with clients.

In this article, we’ll tell you about six ways to successfully use insurance agency automation and the right insurance CRM in your agency.

Why Automate?

Successfully implementing AI programs into your insurance agency can have an immediate impact on both the quality and efficiency of the work done in your office. Automation can speed up service delivery by up to 80% and save you thousands of work hours each year. Insurance agencies with automation typically see an increase in overall productivity and profitability. In fact, you could see a 100% return on investment within the first year of automation implementation, and that figure could grow in the next few years.

Insurance agency automation can also reduce the margin of error in policy service. On average, agencies can achieve 80-90% improvement in accuracy from implementing automation. On top of that, automation can improve your regulatory compliance efforts. The most valuable insurance agency automation tool is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and there are three ways you can use a CRM for insurance agents to see immediate changes in your agency.

New Lead Acquisition

While your agency may generate numerous leads from your website, many potential clients will fall through the cracks because of incomplete applications. This means your staff will have to spend time following up with clients seeking online quotes in order to obtain missing information and suggest appropriate coverages.

While this work can be done manually, an insurance CRM can integrate with your website to create a workflow that makes it easy to organize leads and follow up with clients. If your agency gets a high volume of inquiries, your insurance CRM can drastically improve your efficiency by scoring leads, assigning an agent to an account, and setting notifications for follow up. New lead acquisition is one of the biggest benefits of insurance agency automation. 

Lead Scoring

A CRM for insurance agents’ tool will analyze leads and assign a score based on the potential client’s activity on your website and other impacts to eligibility. You can then create a list of qualified leads that need prioritized attention.

Lead Assignment

If your agency has multiple agents or producers, an insurance CRM can help manage the assignment of leads and new accounts to ensure agents get an equal number of leads. You can also set up a CRM for insurance agents to funnel leads to agents who specialize in a certain product, and you can set a cap so that no agent is overwhelmed with new leads.

Notifications and Reminders

Most CRMs for insurance agents have task management features that alert agents when they are assigned a new lead. Agents can log all contact with potential clients in their insurance CRM and set reminders for follow up. Notifications and reminders are essential to making sure valuable new business does not fall through the cracks.

Improved Workflow for Calling Clients

You likely spend a lot of time calling potential and current clients and making notes on their accounts. Using an insurance CRM within your insurance agency automation strategy makes this workflow more efficient by connecting the client information, policy details, and notation features into one system. 

Servicing Policies and Client Administration

Managing end-to-end client relationships can be difficult to do manually. Since insurance agencies often represent several carriers and multiple service lines, memorizing all the products, calculating premiums, and documenting everything can be quite overwhelming. A CRM for insurance agents can collate all the information you use regularly and create workflows to simplify your day.

InsuredMine – Your Insurance Agency Automation Partner

If the information in this article has helped you realize the urgent need for insurance agency automation, the next step is try out the #1 Insurance CRM on the market. That would be InsuredMine. Our all-in-one insurance CRM is everything you need to grow your agency and engage with clients. Try InsuredMine for free today.  

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