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Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP

Transforming lead and sales management with automations.

, Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP – Transforming Lead and Sales Management with Automations
, Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP – Transforming Lead and Sales Management with Automations


Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP

, Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP – Transforming Lead and Sales Management with Automations


Dallas, TX

, Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP – Transforming Lead and Sales Management with Automations



Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP (BB&A) traces its origins back to the year 2000 when two well-established agencies, one founded in 1933 and the other in 1955, merged to create this organization. Specializing primarily in property casualty, BB&A operates from three locations. What truly sets BB&A apart is its remarkable longevity and unwavering commitment to its clients, boasting nearly a century of continuous service and spanning three generations. This is a testament to their unyielding integrity and dedication to keeping their word. BB&A isn’t just in the business of making sales; they are in the business of advising and providing expert advice, ensuring their clients have the protection they need to safeguard their current exposures. With a profound passion for what they do, BB&A takes pride in educating and counseling their clients, demonstrating a unique combination of being both wonky and nerdy while maintaining a fun, vibrant spirit.


The challenge facing BB&A was the imperative need to streamline the handling of incoming leads efficiently and on time. Initially, managing these leads required the engagement of multiple vendors, including an electronic signature tool, reputation management platform, and insurance marketing software. However, upon discovering InsuredMine, it became evident that they could achieve their goals without needing additional tools or software. At the heart of their challenge was a desire to consolidate their systems, reduce complexity, and enhance overall efficiency. The demand for automation and efficiency was not just an immediate concern; it was a vision for scaling over time, ensuring that their operations could continue to meet the growing needs of their clients and the industry.


The search for a modern, user-friendly CRM that is easy to customize, scale, and integrate with Applied Epic led BB&A to InsuredMine. The fact that InsuredMine has built-in features that are truly embedded was a big decision factor. “Once we found InsuredMine, we realized we didn’t need 3 other vendors to do what we are doing today,” said Agency Partner Pete Bibby.

Another key consideration was InsuredMine’s capacity to automate the management of incoming leads, significantly improving operational efficiency and ensuring that data remained interconnected rather than segregated in isolated silos. BB&A’s diverse communication channels, especially text messaging, seamlessly integrated with InsuredMine, with every interaction between agent and prospect meticulously recorded – including call logs, chats, and emails. In addition, using the built-in email templates within the marketing dashboard allowed BB&A to automate entire email sequences, optimizing their communication processes.


Streamlined Sales Process

By automating operations like lead management, deal monitoring, and customer communication, InsuredMine enabled BB&A to streamline its sales process. The sales team found it simple to handle their prospects, follow up on them as they moved through the sales pipeline, and contact clients by phone and email.

“Our absolute favorite thing about the product has to be the texting feature – we use it all the time! It's fantastic to connect with our clients where they are and understand our sales and pipeline numbers.”
, Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP – Transforming Lead and Sales Management with Automations
Pete Bibby
Agency Partner

Marketing Automation

With built-in email functionality, InsuredMine allows for specific triggers and label automation, such as new leads or deals closing, to send customers personalized emails.

"A significant achievement we've unlocked is the ability to sift through data from our agency management system to identify clients without umbrella insurance, allowing us to create a targeted campaign. As a result, we've successfully generated ten quotes through this initiative."
, Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP – Transforming Lead and Sales Management with Automations
Bodie Spangler
Agency Partner

Implementation Process

There was an initial hurdle in grasping the full spectrum of capabilities the software had to offer and maximizing its potential. As is often the case when introducing new software, employees had reservations and concerns, with thoughts like, “Oh no, here is another software to use.” However, with time and the support of the InsuredMine team, employees have gradually become more comfortable and adaptable to the system.

“The InsuredMine team has been a big help in easing the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition, and helping our agency make the most of the vast software capabilities,” said Pete.

Business Impact

The benefits of having a unified, modern technology solution have been profound for the agency. Bodie expressed, "When it comes to creating lists, streamlining dashboards, refining pipelines, and elevating communication, InsuredMine is truly a game-changer." As BB&A looks to the future, they are committed to a trajectory of innovation and rapid growth, leveraging the various modules and functionalities offered by InsuredMine.


“It’s wonderful to continue developing our processes and understanding what is possible through InsuredMine," said Bodie.

, Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP – Transforming Lead and Sales Management with Automations

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