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How a south Florida agency weathered the storm to increase premium by 36% and retention by 2% over a year with InsuredMine.

Triton Insurance Agency opened in 2008 with 2 desk, 2 employees and 0 policies. Now, they have over $34 million in premium. Triton offers personal and commercial insurance.

, Triton Insurance Group


Triton Insurance Agency

, Triton Insurance Group


Margate, Florida

, Triton Insurance Group


The Big Wins

92% - 94%

Increase in retention rates by 2 points


Significant increase in premium payments


Substantial growth in insurance policy volume

We are working to expand into other markets and InsuredMine give us the capability to do that as well as double output for agents.
InsuredMine allows Triton to put the processes in place so we can save time, automate and allow our go-to-market team to actually sell and not focus on repetitive tasks.
, Triton Insurance Group
William "B.J." Michaud


As a growing agency, Triton needed a sales automation solution that would help capture/nurture leads and automate sales/renewals.


Triton Insurance Agency talks to 12,999 of their 13,000 clients. Staying in front of clients is incredibly important so they do not lose clients and help them as rates increase. Doing this at scale is tough.


A CRM solution helps them stay on top of customer data and understand when it is the best time to reach out to them.

, Triton Insurance Group
, Triton Insurance Group

What it's like working with InsuredMine?

“I feel like I have a partner that’s a developer and a partner that listens and implements my feedback in a matter of days.”


-William “B.J.” Michaud

Are you one of our early adopters?

If so, we would love to hear how InsuredMine helped your agency propel your business and other success stories of how it made running your agency, and thereby your life, easier.

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