Drip Email Marketing Campaign for Insurance Agents for Automated Communication


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Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is an intensive automated email, text or combination of both delivering a series of customized and scheduled communication to the client or prospect over a specific period of time. This helps to build a relationship, share information, establish knowledge authority, and overall increase the probability to close or have higher customer lifetime value. Drip campaigns work similar to drip irrigation in that they are both focused, timely, customized and segmented for the best possible outcomes.

Configure your growth track

  • Drive automated email and/or text messages to connect with people when they are most
    ready to engage.
  • Win contracts with pinned targets, process follow-up mails in a minute, improve your
    email open rate, and set meeting schedules in calendars with robotic speed.
  • Address all information exchanges in the most systematic manner.

Single Contact Drip

If you have a single prospect/client in view and don’t want to flood out a group drip, you can simply generate a personalized set of automated emails to send at the perfect time for faster interaction and efficient communication.

Captivate favorable leads with objective information

  • Echo customer proactivity
    Send out messages understanding customer persona and their attention extent towards your
  • Strike data at a precise moment.
    Mention a specific period you want your audience to get your message.
  • Influential campaigns
    Customize text and build a vibrant sequel of campaigns to keep your subject interested
    and responsive.
  • Focus on individual channels for the enormous impact
    Leverage each channel, email, text, and others to their best grade by monitoring each in
    its unique capacity, listing and analyzing its functionality to scale up efficiency.

Prompt email/message sent out automatically as event triggers

Need to wish your customers on their birthday or send a message for renewal when the policy is due? These event triggers push emails/text messages automatically at the right time. You can add customized trigger fields for any event.

Bulk Text

Bulk text is a Mass communication platform to reach the back pocket of prospects and customers easily. Increase productivity with this automated texting service that reflects real results. It is a Cloud-based API drip management, with a secured legitimate system, working 24 hours to ensure efficient delivery to clients and prospects at the appropriate time. It is accessible to the agents from the PC agent portal and mobile app.It also doubles up as a supporting solution to the email drip campaign, with sequencing planned in simulation.


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