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Great Harbor Insurance Services

Leveraging InsuredMine's capabilities to transform their operations and create customized solutions for their clients.

, Great Harbor Insurance Services – Transforming Operations and Tailoring Client Solution​
, Great Harbor Insurance Services – Transforming Operations and Tailoring Client Solution​


Great Harbor Insurance Services

, Great Harbor Insurance Services – Transforming Operations and Tailoring Client Solution​


Boca Raton, Florida

, Great Harbor Insurance Services – Transforming Operations and Tailoring Client Solution​


Agency situation

Great Harbor Insurance Services needed to unify operations and standardize the customer experience across 50 diverse agencies. Their goal was to create a unified, client-centric experience and streamline operations.


InsuredMine empowered Great Harbor Insurance Services to introduce a modern operational model to their younger workforce. This transition allowed them to become a data-driven organization, enabling them to consistently monitor real-time performance across all their agencies and eliminating the need for outdated data extraction procedures.


By adopting InsuredMine's CRM, Great Harbor Insurance Services streamlined operations more effectively than transitioning to a new AMS. Justin benefits from InsuredMine's daily operational overview, improving onboarding and emphasizing policy per account growth. Clay experiences enhanced client engagement through InsuredMine, significantly increasing annual touchpoints from just a couple to 20-30.

For a growing M&A with a steady focus on acquisitions

Great Harbor is a National Independent Insurance Agency with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, and individual offices nationwide. As a dynamic player in the M&A industry, which began in 2016, the organization has been on a remarkable trajectory, successfully completing an impressive 50 acquisitions. Specializing predominantly in personal lines, they cater to an extensive clientele, representing approximately 90,000 clients and partnering with about 1,000 carriers. Their strategic vision from the outset was clear: to unify these diverse agencies into a seamless, integrated system encompassing CRM, email, and phone services.


Harmonizing Operations and Empowering the Next Generation

The challenge facing Great Harbor Insurance Services was harmonizing operations and standardizing the customer journey across a diverse array of 50 agencies, each with its own unique approach. This rich tapestry included agencies ranging from just a few years old to those with a century of history and a clientele spanning generations. Their goal was to create a unified, client-centric experience that could cater to clients of all ages and meet them where they were. As they embraced a younger workforce, Great Harbor Insurance recognized the essential role of a tool like InsuredMine in empowering their younger producers and servicers to manage day-to-day operations efficiently.

The need for efficiency and streamlining operations was paramount, requiring a way to do more with fewer resources and consolidate their organizational structure. They aspired to transform their operations into a numbers-driven organization, enabling them to track performance consistently across all their agencies. Real-time data insights were critical, replacing the cumbersome process of extracting information from multiple systems with outdated data.

Solutions and Benefits

Great Harbor Insurance services, serving a diverse clientele and agencies with varying histories, prioritized providing tailored solutions to meet their distinct needs. Senior Vice President Justin Wadsworth, describes, “The InsuredMine CRM served as a versatile tool that seamlessly connected with their agency management system, streamlining our sales, marketing, and policy management processes.” He adds, “This integration allowed the organization to do more with fewer resources and transformed our operations into a numbers-driven system.” Real-time insights replaced manual reporting, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing performance tracking across all agencies.

Welcoming younger talent, InsuredMine became an essential tool, transforming both internal culture and client connectivity.

The InsuredMine team’s adept support in customizing solutions was pivotal in meeting the organization’s unique demands. “InsuredMine has created custom filters, pipelines, and processes that have been key to us leveraging the tool – as we are a vast and robust organization, this has been huge,” said Justin.


User-friendly and intuitive

Great Harbor Insurance Services’ chief concern revolved around the potential for significant organizational changes, especially after recent acquisitions. There was apprehension about how swiftly the team would adapt to what could have been perceived as a substantial transformation under new ownership. It became evident that introducing a new CRM proved to be a far more seamless process compared to transitioning to a new AMS. Justin describes, “Clicks within InsuredMine might take ⅓ of the clicks needed in an AMS, making things a lot simpler to use,” said Marketing Specialist Clay Wadsworth.


Better visibility

In his executive role, Justin finds it essential to see the workflow in action, providing him with a day-to-day visual of the entire operational landscape. “Having that data at our fingertips facilitates seamless onboarding for new employees,” said Justin. Furthermore, he prioritizes assessing growth potential within the existing book of business. Justin describes, “Shifting from an average of 1.4 policies per account to 1.7 has become a central focus for strategy, tracking, and growth realization.”


Nurturing customer relationships

In his daily responsibilities, Clay greatly values the ability to engage with customers meaningfully using InsuredMine. He asserts, “With all the acquisitions, the ability to communicate with clients and increase client engagement has been a game changer.” Clay further adds, “We have gone from a couple touch points a year to between 20-30 a year.”

, Great Harbor Insurance Services – Transforming Operations and Tailoring Client Solution​

“The pipeline has been revolutionary for Great Harbor, with the organization for reps, automations with emails, voicemail drops, and texts - it makes things incredibly efficient.”

Clay Wadsworth
Marketing Specialist


Driving revenue with automation

Leveraging the integrated solutions offered by InsuredMine, Great Harbor Insurance serves thousands of clientele in personal lines. Highlighting its impact, Justin shared a win:

, Great Harbor Insurance Services – Transforming Operations and Tailoring Client Solution​

Justin Wadsworth

Senior Vice President

“Great Harbor started using InsuredMine in January of 2023 and has since increased retention by over 4% on $45M in premium.”

, Great Harbor Insurance Services – Transforming Operations and Tailoring Client Solution​

Not a vendor, a community

Justin believes there is much more to Great Harbor’s success with InsuredMine outside of capabilities and functionality. “The InsuredMine team has been incredibly helpful in finding a solution, building a solution, or helping sort through any scenario. There has never been a situation where I felt like I was on an island with InsuredMine.”

“I think it’s tough for agencies to say they have/want to have a strong Client Relationships without having a Client Relationship Management system.”

Justin Wadsworth | Senior Vice President

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