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Insurance Agency Sales: 8 Marketing Ideas to Sell More in 2022

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New year. New revenue from more clients. That should be the plan for any insurance agency owner and we want to help you on that mission. 

Beyond using the #1 Insurance CRM on the market to automate your insurance agency sales efforts, here are 8 proven insurance marketing ideas to get your sales mojo flowing. 

1 – Start a Referral Program

One of the best free insurance marketing opportunities you have is from referrals from your past clients. Creating a systematic referral program will not only give you leads, but it signifies to your existing customers that they are important and valued. 

Start with a basic framework for how many leads you want each month or quarter and what the reward will be for those who participate. Make sure to allow a time window for those who send referrals after they’ve purchased from you – sometimes people need that extra nudge before sending those friendly insurance leads your way.

2 – Collect Online Reviews

When was the last time you asked a client if they’re willing to provide feedback on your performance for others to review? Whether it be on Google or Facebook, getting online reviews is one of the best ways for your agency to garner more interest and show prospects that you care about their insurance needs. This is another free and effective insurance marketing strategy.

3 – Seek Partnerships With Local Non-Insurance Business 

Working with local business owners to create a partnership or joint venture is one of the best insurance agency sales strategies. Not only will your name and face be seen by their clientele, but you can also give your prospects and customers more options and choices about which agency they want to work with. Value-add perks outside of insurance can be the tie breaker between you and your competitor across town. 

4 – Get Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for insurance agencies to be active and a great place for your insurance marketing. With over 500 million users, you can harness this powerful tool to connect with your prospects and customers. Post regular content to garner organic outreach from prospects, and use meaningful connection requests and direct messages for your insurance agency sales outreach. 

5 – Run Social Media Ad Campaigns

Using social media ad campaigns in your insurance marketing is a smart idea. With Facebook ads, you can target your prospects and customers based on demographics like their location, age, and interests. It’s also a great way to build brand awareness for your agency. Instagram and TikTok are also great places to collect leads for your insurance agency sales pipeline. Hiring a social media marketing partner can help you on these fronts if you don’t already have the experience. 

6 – Write Knockout Sales Copy for Your Landing Page

If you’re hoping for more insurance agency sales conversions from your website, then spend your time and money on creating the most compelling sales copy for your landing page. This is especially important if you are running SEO campaigns. Leading visitors from your ad to a weak sauce landing page isn’t going to net you any leads. 

7 – Run PPC Campaigns on Google

Running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on Google is another great way to boost your insurance agency sales pipeline. While this is far from a free insurance marketing strategy, if you invest in ads for the right keywords, you can limit your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) rate while also landing more visitors to your website. See idea 6 for what to do once you get them there. 

8 – Ace Your Local SEO 

Last but certainly not least, optimizing your online profile in local listings has never been more important. Those who are surfing the web for information about their insurance needs want to know how reputable and trustworthy your agency is and they’re going to look you up on Google, and other local listing sites before choosing an agent. Investing in a local SEO agency partner can help improve your online visibility and boost insurance agency sales conversions.

InsuredMine – the Ultimate Insurance Marketing Strategy

If you really want to knock out your 2022 insurance agency sales efforts – then you need to invest in your insurance CRM. And when it comes to choosing the right insurance CRM for your agency, there is one clear and obvious choice. That choice would be InsuredMine. With a robust offering of automated features as well as the visibility you can gain into your agency, your team, and your clients – it’s easy to see why InsuredMine has been ranked the #1 insurance CRM on the market. Try InsuredMine for free today.

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