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Is your communication technology hot and responsive? In the words of Matt Haig, “End-users, not technologies, shape the market. Consequently, marketers need to stay abreast not only of technological developments but also of the way people respond to them.”

In this blog, we will focus on the most effective communication channel to beat the competition – Intelligent Actionable Phone technology.    

Insuredmine staged an amazing collaboration on Communication Transforming Phone technology of Lightspeed Voice through digital VoIP platform  incorporating it with the synergies of sales automation tools.

First, let’s begin with the various communication channels and how Insuredmine is helping you leverage each one.

Insuredmine helps you manage all customer interaction on a single platform so it’s easy for agents to pursue the same methods and help customers no matter how they connect.  You can handle all customer queries and engagement processes on Insuredmine’s integrated solution base without switching channels or jumping between multiple software.

Insuredmine uses omni channel communication with its partner integrations to accomplish much more within one system. These channels are discussed below:

1. Phone: The system allows you to connect through VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) platforms, so you can make and receive calls. Not to mention, desk phones are always handy and their utility can’t be ignored. A phone call holds tremendous value in customer engagement. You call the clients or prospects with complete information right in front of you, exhibiting high quality communication without the customer explaining details every time he calls. The same contact details are shared across the team laying the foundation for providing seamless communication. It is not just the call but the intelligence built around it with call recording, KPIs/Analytics and call analysis steps up the game to the next level.

2. Text Message: Contact your leads, prospects, or clients with bulk texting, or simply send an SMS for information and marketing purposes. With more than 97% open rate, text is no doubt the most effective way to communicate. With InsuredMine ,you can receive responses from the customers and chat on the system. There is a built-in texting feature in InsuredMine Agency Portal. However, there are many other integrations provisioned with other cloud communication services to facilitate texting features available including – TwilioRingcentral, and the most recent  Lightspeed Voice. Text messages are a non-intrusive way of interacting with the contacts. Best used for sharing updates, announcements, reminders for meetings, payment due alerts, and more without disturbing customer’s day.

3. Mobile app: The Insuredmine Mobile App download allows you to utilize many features at your fingertips anywhere anytime so you can help customers with quick responses including chatbot, agent chat, and notifications. Mobile App is considered as a value enhancement – EY  It is a conversational interface that allows you to receive information in the way you like it. Consider the use case, when a prospect messages to buy a new policy. The chatbot will automatically respond to get quotes, schedule a meeting or connect with an agent. This technology delivers when it matters the most.

4. Emails: Email campaigns are another great form of interacting with leads/clients. After personal phone calls, they are the next best alternative for any form of client interaction. Whether you want to share policy documents, white papers, or webinar information on a specific industry or topic, apart from the sales automated templates to nurture prospects, Insuredmine helps you efficiently monitor each mail activity extensively to allow you to respond based on user behavior. The combination of personal emails and pre-designed mass email campaigns help maintain the genuine connect with the contact. You may also focus on customer retention via automation.

5. Web forms: Web forms on agency websites are a way for prospects or clients to interact with the agency. Your leads or customers may leave a comment or enter service requests or claims details. These forms are useful sources to gather information 24/7. The review and feedback forms shared after a webinar or attached to an email campaign also help in controlling and forecasting functionalities of your business.

6. Social networking channels through websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all connected to your agency website or client portal login page powered by InsuredMine. Any comments, likes, subscriptions, or shares boost your social media presence driving more traffic to your agency. This embed on your website also helps capture the attention of customers and increases client engagement.


Why is actionable phone technology the hottest amongst all?


Brilliant Real-time communication facilitated by VoIP


Click —————–> Dial —————–> Record & Listen


 According to Mobius Poll, 84% of customers are frustrated when a representative doesn’t have immediate access to account information”. Insuredmine helps populate agent screens with all the contact data and furnishes right in time of call to help serve the client better. Taking it a step further with the introduction of call record list feature, in association with Lightspeed Voice, it enables your agency to create the ideal customer service experience.


 Explore the merits of actionable phone technology and the reason for it being the hottest communication platform !


  1. Click to call technology is convenientIn the time of voice-enabled calling with Alexa, Siri and Cortana, we can’t even imagine when we need to either punch numbers or type in…click to call is the minimum must-haves.
  2. Call recording savedEach and every call is recorded automatically into the system. You can use these recordings for E&O purposes as well as for training.
  3. It is much more economical: Sales reps can make unlimited upsell calls without your agency paying a huge amount of money for it. More calls lead to more sales and a growing volume of customers. With the increased number of customers, your sales and revenues are sure to shoot up.
  4. Consolidated / Multiple numbers: Your entire agency can share a common phone number or every agent can have his own phone number as per convenience and your working structure. Of course, charges vary depending on your usage, but the value derived from it is exponentially higher than what you spend.
  5. Integrated with Sales Pipeline: The call logs can be easily accessed and frequently checked as they are integrated with the sales pipeline. Along with the details of the comprehensive notes, the call logs help teams collaborate and work towards effectiveness.
  6. Real-time customer issue tracking is possible: With the help of logs, it’s easy and convenient to track when a customer reported an issue, the responses provided and the time taken to resolve the issue.

Enhancing the quality of phone technology in CRM marketing, Insuredmine has set the foundation for offering a deeper insight into conversational durations, and their implications on efficiency of CSR’s and agents in closing deals. The agent and insured ecosystem is bound to benefit with Insuredmines technology opportunity to fulfill the need of the hour.

Lightspeed’s Play and plug system connects with Insuredmine’s CRM technology to facilitate more conversions, track performances, and aid decision making. The digital link-up allows you to work better while experiencing both the complementary platforms.

If you are still in doubt to connect with a CRM and VoIP platform check out a webinar video with a live demo by our client. You will notice how easily a call is placed and recorded in the system.

Click on the link and go wow!

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