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Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.


How InsuredMine grew to be the most useful digital tool for Insurance Agencies?

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, Insuredmine (IM) was not built in one release. In the last 3.5 years of our journey, there were 100s of releases and enhancements. We pay very close attention to what our clients say and share. We heard them well and reacted faster. So, in this journey, everyone who came up with  brilliant ideas, we incorporated them. We ensured that we came up with a solution to all the issues they faced. This helped insurance agents extract the maximum output with minimum effort, while working with InsuredMine.

How InsuredMine transformed overcoming the initial challenges?

, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.

In our incipiency, InsuredMine was not the comprehensive tool as it is today. Integrations were not easy due to limited resources. InsuredMine is well-integrated with several industry-specific software tools that agents need for their operations. It has become very smooth in terms of API integrations. Kudos to the early days’ clients who stood by us remained patient and supported us to evolve into the robust industry leader we are today.

Role of Digitization and How InsuredMine is helping Insurance Agencies to adopt Technology

, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.

When we are talking about digitization, development has increased at an incredible pace. As per Mackenzie’s report,in the last 12 months, the speed of digitization has moved more than 10 years ahead. So, agency owners need to ensure they have traveled that digital distance ahead as well. It involves:

  • How agents are operating within the agency.
  • How they are engaging or connecting with the customers, whether it is the early stage of prospecting or through the later stage of service.
  • How agents are keeping pace with the ecosystem’s constant movement.
, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.

All these aspects have a deep impact on how an agency continues to operate.

A classic example of this is: How Uber in 5 years has put New York Taxi Medallion way behind in business. New York Taxi Medallion used to cost a million dollars, but now they are less than 230 thousand dollars. Uber who does not even own a single taxi has captured the market with the help of technology

So, agencies need to adopt technology to beat the digital gap, and that is how they can stay ahead in the digital curve.

If we talk about the US market, only 10 to 20% of insurance agencies are aware of digitization and are ready to adopt the technology. But the rest are either taking too long to decide or are not even aware of technology enhancements. With better economics, better market capture, and better technology, Insurance Agencies can win the battle.

InsuredMine is specially designed to help Insurance Agencies adopt technology with ease. People who are not even tech-savvy can easily utilize InsuredMine to improve quite dramatically.

How InsuredMine helps in establishing a seamless communication?

, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.

Today’s customers are very sophisticated. They are spoilt by the customer experience that is being provided by Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. All these companies have raised the bar on what the customer experience needs to be.  The customers expect a similar kind of customer experience from their insurance agencies. But most insurance agencies are still stuck in the stone age. They still try to scribble everything on a piece of paper. This is not letting them go anywhere.

Using a mobile phone, email does not mean that you are functioning digitally. There should be synchronization between the line of communications that agents do during the sales process.

, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.

You need to assure that the text message you received, will be followed up with an email. It will be further followed by a phone call. All these communications need to be seamlessly intertwined and must have a chronological sequencing based on the timeline. To do this you need an omnichannel platform like InsuredMine where all the communication can be put in one perspective in a timeline sequence. So, while reviewing the customer profile you can have a very clear understanding of the communication and the deal status. Email, text message, phone call, calendar invite are the core implements of communication and engagement. When the entire communication strategy is in sequence, it will be a game-changer for the agents.

How AMS integrations with InsuredMine helps agents?

, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.When an agency is looking to digitize, one of the core thoughts to focus on is efficiency. So, a new solution or a new CRM should not be about adding more work, it should always be about reducing work. When you are adding a lead/prospect in InsuredMine, it should naturally feed into your AMS. And, if it does not, you will be  duplicating your effort, which will reduce your efficiency.

When a lead comes through a lead capture process such as lead form, lead source, lead company, social media, or call, then a deal card is created in the InsuredMine sales pipeline. And, at that very moment, it does 3 very interesting things:

1 It assigns and notifies the agent, who is on duty, in real-time.

2. It also sends communication back to the prospect, acknowledging their query.

3. It further sends the information to your agency management system. So tomorrow, when you close a deal, there is already a record in your agency management system that can be downloaded.That means you can use this data to further communicate with your clients. The coolest part is how you are capturing the information from the lead form and bringing the client information back to the AMS. InsuredMine helps to establish the sync between the platforms- Your existing AMS and Insuredmine’s all-in-one CRM.

How is InsuredMine solving the issue of managing several tech tools?

, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.

InsuredMine has customers who are between the ages of 18 to 86, so the product is designed in a way where it is very intuitive and self-explanatory. Every action that you perform in InsuredMine is just 3-clicks away. While designing the features, InsuredMine thinks about the utility and experience perspective of how people will be using this platform. It is designed for an insurance sales agent, so he or she can leverage it on a day-to-day basis to make the most of their productivity. Too many tech tools reduce work efficiency. Studies show you lose 30% of your efficiency when you lose context while switching applications. That is why InsuredMine encourages using one platform, which will help you increase efficiency.

Through IM, you will be getting access to a built-in CRM, texting tool, Mobile app, Google reviews, forms, email campaigns, and a lot more. And, if you are using different tools to get these features, you will end up spending $200 to $300 per month, but in InsuredMine you will be paying just $49. And, you will be getting everything in one platform that can smoothly integrate  with your existing AMS in real-time (if the AMS allows it).

How InsuredMine complements AMS and will help agents to multiply their Agency sales?

, Know “HOW” InsuredMine is helping Agencies to Multiply Insurance Sales up to 8X.

InsuredMine is a tool that complements any Agency Management System. The AMS itself does many important things, but still, falls short on some things agents should get from sales technology. AMS is like a Swiss knife, it does a lot of things you want it to do, but when you need to cut a tree you need a chainsaw. And for your Insurance sales, your chainsaw is InsuredMine, because it is designed to cut the tree. InsuredMine is specially designed to multiply your agency sales up to 8 X. To know more about this Chainsaw, click, //

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