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Caller ID delete handling for Twilio.

Description- You can use alternative phone numbers inside InsuredMine by masking the number with your Twilio phone. Meaning if you add your cell number as a caller ID when you dial a customer from your phone number, it appears with your Twilio phone number instead. Your personal cell number is masked by the Twilio phone. This new release allows caller ID phone numbers to be deleted and added again.

Use Case- Phone numbers for already created agents’ profiles can be verified and updated easily.


  • Navigate to the Profile at the top right corner. Click on Get Started.

  • Go to Configure texting and calling. Enter the Phone number and click on verify.

  • You will receive a verification code via call once the Caller ID is connected.
  •  Twilio will make a call to the entered phone number. The mentioned OTP is to be informed on the call. 

  • Once the phone number has been verified. 
  • You can change the caller Id added to Twilio by clicking the delete button present along with the number only after any number is verified.

Note- After the verification, If you make a call from the portal, your caller id will be visible, not the Twilio number. The same number will connect the call to the verified number for a callback. 



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