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Creating Multiple Deal Categories and Card Visibility

This enhancement will be extremely beneficial for the agents who are trying to bundle policies in one deal card i.e multiple LOB in one deal without having to create multiple deal cards for each. You can now aggregate multiple deals under the same deal card.

Use Case: If a client wants to purchase two different policies from an agent, in that case an agent can create different quotes under one deal card. No need to create one deal card for each line of business.

Note: Whatever cards have been created previously till 5th February 2021, will be under version 1 and in those cards multiple quotes or deal categories will not be applicable. From 6th Feb 2021, onwards, whatever deal cards will be created will have the option to create multiple deal categories and multiple quotes.

The version of a deal card will be mentioned on the top right after the deal card name.

Multiple Deal Categories in One Deal Card

Managing multiple deal card categories has become easier! The multiple deal card categories are visible inside the deal card too.

For example: If a contact wants to buy an auto policy and a home policy from the agent, he will create a deal card in the contact’s name and can create multiple categories in it.

Multiple Quotes based on Multiple Deal Categories

Multiple Categories will generate multiple quotes. Based on the categories, the quotes will get displayed in the quote section. Each quote will have its own information such as the value of the deal, carrier name, policy number, effective date, payment frequency, expiration date, and status of the deal.

Once quotes are updated, then a success notification will be generated.

Expected Premium based on the multiple deal values/quotes in the same deal card

Each deal category will have its respective quote. Once the agent puts the expected deal value, the expected premium amount will get automatically filled and will be the sum of both the deal values/ quotes.

Note: In deal category only the in process deals will be visible and the expected premium and the brokerage fee will be displayed based on the sum value of in process deal categories in the particular deal card. 

Separate status section for each deal category

You can mark the status for each category separately. And in case if you mark the deal and won or lost, the won date or the lost date will get reflected in the deal card along with the name of the agent who won the deal.

For example: If you are an agent and you have sold a policy of one category and marked it as won. So, the status of that particular category will reflect as “won”, and the other category which is in the process will be visible as “in-process”.

And if a single card is having multiple categories, then based on the status updated for each category, the cards will be visible when you will apply filters based on card status.

For example: If a deal card has two categories and among these two, the status of one category is “won”, and another is in process, then, as you will put filters based on deal status, the same deal card will be visible in both “won” and “in-process”. And when the agent will mark both the deal categories as “won”, the deal card will be visible in the “won” section, as both the deal categories are marked as “won”.

Value Of Deal Card will Be displayed based on Deal Status Selected

The value of the deal card will change based on the deal status marked.

For example: If a deal card is having two deal categories, and among which one deal card is marked as “won” and one is “in-process”. Then when filters will be applied in the pipeline to view the won deal cards, this deal card will be visible, as it has one category as won and the value of the deal card will be displayed as the amount of the particular deal quote that is marked as “won”. And if the filter will be applied in the pipeline to view the “in-process” deal cards, the same deal card will be visible, as it has one category as “in-process” too and the value of the deal card will be displayed as the amount of the particular deal quote that is marked as “in-process”.

And when the agent will mark both the deal categories as “won”, the deal card will be visible in only the “won” section, as both the deal categories are marked as “won” and the value of the deal card will be a combined value of both the deal quotes.

Note: In the status section under the filter module of pipeline manager the default option that is shown is of “in process”. So, based on this filter, if your card has any in process quote, the expected premium will be displayed based on that. To have a view based on the status, you need to go to the filter section and make desired changes.

Note: To have the expected premium value displayed based on the deal status, do not select the ‘all’ filter in the pipeline for deal status. In case if you put the filter for ‘all’ then the total value of all the quotes in the particular deal card will be displayed.

You can view the deal status of each quote even in the quote section. The colour of the deal category is displayed along with deal value based on its status. If it’s won the colour will be reflected as green, if lost the colour will be reflected as red, if in process the colour will be reflected as orange.

How to makes edits in Version 2 Deal cards:

If you want to make changes in the quote section, either in the deal category, expected premium, broker fee then you need to click on the particular section and the panel will open from the right side to edit the quote. Make the necessary changes and save it. You can also click on the delete icon to delete the particular quote.

Changes in Deal Charts Section based on the multiple deal categories in pipeline

In the deal chart section, there will be change in every section based on the quote status that is updated in each deal category of a particular deal card.

To see the updated deal chart view:

 For example: If a deal card has three different deal quotes under three different categories, and the agent has marked the auto (commercial) category as won, then that particular deal quote will be reflected in the won section.

If the deal card is having multiple categories then based on those categories the deal card will get displayed in the deal chart section.

Click on leaderboard reports on the top right section of the deal charts to view the changes.

Areas that will be affected and will change along with the changes made in the deal card are:

  • Deal card detail quote sync, won and lost
  • Won and lost trigger automation,
  • Copy and move
  • Deal Reports
  • Retention pipeline
  • Card & list view
  • Leader-board reports
  • Goal Setting Widget
  • Win Back in opportunities

Goal settings

In the goal settings section, previously, the goal was calculated based on deal cards, but now it will be calculated based on the quotes that have been marked as won. To view the changes:  Navigate to Pipeline Manager Click on the gear icon and select settings Click on goal settings
In the goal settings section of the dashboard widgets the same deal value will get reflected based on the quotes marked as won.

Note: All the changes done in version 2 cards are not going to affect previously created cards in version 1.

Win Back Opportunity

In win back opportunity you can have the option to add the lost deal back in the form of a deal card in the pipeline manager section.

To check the enhancement:

  • Navigate to opportunity
  • Click on win back
  • Select the recently created deal card in which you have already marked one deal category as lost.
  • Click on the 3 ellipses under action section
  • Click on Add Deal
  • A panel from right will open where you need to fill up the detail to add the deal card back to the pipeline.

Note: While Winning back lost cards (Version 2) you will get the option to map old quotes with categories.

Version2 card will be shown with different categories-  values & broker fees, lost/won date on deal charts/leaderboard-reports

Note: Version 2 deal cards will not get displayed without a quote. There needs to be at least one quote created in the deal card, even if the category is not mentioned.

While creating a deal if no categories are selected, then the quote section will be added but there will be no value mentioned in it.

Sections from which Version 2 Deal Cards can be added

Now version 2 deal cards will be added whenever you add deal :

  • Manually
  • Through Round Robin
  • Through Win Back in opportunities
  • Via Quotesheet
  • Through Forwarding Email
  • Through Multiple select and add deal

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