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Release Notes – November 2023

25th November

  1. Contacts, Accounts – All tab in communication for Contact360 and Account360
  2. Carriers, Categories – NB, Renewals, cancellations and rewritten in carrier and categories
  3. Dashboard – 6 New KPIs on the dashboard
  4. Dashboard – Renewals and Rewritten chart on the dashboard
  5. Dashboard – Enhanced Lead Source Filtering: Introducing Sub-Filter Selection in Sales Dashboard Master Reports
  6. Engagements – Policy Cancellation in Workflow Automation
  7. Notifications – Count of Notifications type
  8. Notice board – @all implementation in notice board and mentions
  9. Pipelines – Import intake form as an action in Pipeline Automation
  10. Policies – Sync/Not Sync filter in policy list
  11. Pipelines – Archive Pipeline Card as an option in Pipeline Automation
  12. Pipelines – Remove prior assigned agents when assigning agent as bulk
  13. Reports – New business, renewed and cancellation reports
  14. Settings – Manage account type for Users in Settings
  15. Settings – Deal Category” as a mandatory field option under the Won Deal restrictions

10th November

  1. Accounts – Multiple select account and assign agent
  2. Categories and Carriers – Category and carrier refresh for Epic
  3. Carriers – Carrier – Contacts to include a Claims Phone and Carrier Website address
  4. Pipelines – More update options in deal card quick view
  5. Pipelines, Dashboard – Carrier filter in pipeline and master sales charts
  6. Settings/Restrictions – Account delete restriction
  7. Settings, Pipelines – Revenue as mandatory field for Add deal and Won Deal

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