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InsuredMine and Nowcerts partner to bring seamless data integration between Agency Management System and CRM to provide a better user experience.

Insuredmine recently announced that it would be integrating with NowCerts to give insurance agencies the best of both worlds. On this new partnership, the co-founder of InsuredMine, Mr. Raution Jaiswal, said, “We aim to provide the best user experience to the insurance agents as well as their clients. Communication through a secure and responsive Agency Management System will help to drive better business.” Agencies can now leverage CRM and Marketing Automation platforms to accelerate their sales and growth while managing policies and endorsements with NowCerts Agency Management System without double entry.

This integration will solve one of the most critical problems of managing two separate systems with different data sets. Linking the two platforms will let agencies enter data in one system and instantly see the other system’s changes without missing a beat. Now you can easily manage your prospect sales and ongoing sales process through InsuredMine, which is an insurance-focused sales, CRM, and Marketing Automation platform) and sync the data with Nowcerts while the sales process to successfully map IVANS data download, which again will be synced to the InsuredMine platform, making it a full circle data flow.

“We at Nowcerts believe that our clients should have access to the best available CRM tools. InsuredMine offers a suite of powerful analytic and transactional tools that can unlock the potential of your client data to take your agency to a higher level of operational effectiveness, as well as significantly improve profit margins. Are you an agency owner who wants to leverage the value of your data? InsuredMine is an ideal CRM platform that is worth checking out.” said Peter Germanov, CEO of Nowcerts. Peter adds, “An emerging trend in the last several years shows that to maintain a competitive edge, successful agencies need to adopt increasingly sophisticated CRM tools in addition to their AMS platforms.”

This partnership is beneficial for both organizations because of the similar technology stack and organizational alignment. The integration will reduce systems switching up to 30%. With this data alignment, agencies will identify more opportunities in the current book of business and pursue new opportunities with the time that they save.

“We have always enjoyed working with Peter and his team. Their modern technology stack and the ability to solve complex user flow have made it a win-win situation for both organizations. We recognize Nowcerts as a strong force in the Agency Management System. For the benefit of the agencies, it is natural for us to collaborate and innovate together.” explained Shubham, Director of Technology of Insuredmine. “We are looking forward to efficiently delivering solutions for accelerated growth, streamlined operations, and deeper business understanding via KPIs by offering best in class insurance CRM software.”

The benefits of real-time integrations with NowCerts are mentioned below:

  • Add contacts, documents, policies, tasks, text, notes, drivers, vehicles, call records, properties in InsuredMine or NowCerts and sync it with the other system in real-time.
  • Pull policy coverage to InsuredMine client profiles as soon as they are updated in Nowcerts.
  • Send drip campaigns (email/text) from InsuredMine and store the communications in Nowcerts.
  • Manage sales in InsuredMine, then post-sales, all the carrier’s policy data will flow back from Nowcerts to InsuredMine.

About InsuredMine

InsuredMine is a best in class; all-in-one integrated software helping independent insurance agents optimize and grow their agency by converting, engaging, and retaining clients while providing a state-of-the-art experience to the agents as their customers. InsuredMine’s CRM helps agents with fast and smart sales, segmented and automated engagement, real-time visual analytics, and policy wallet via the mobile app to help them grow double digits and reduce operating cost. InsuredMine is empowering independent insurance agencies to compete in the digital age against digital products and grow revenues faster. For more information, visit //

About NowCerts

NowCerts is a cloud-based insurance agency management system for agencies of all sizes. Key functionalities include task management, self-service certificates, ACORD forms, invoices and receipts, email synchronization, loss runs, reports, endorsements, permissions, and reminders. With many integrations and open API, NowCerts centralizes and connects your entire workflow. For more information, visit


Media Contact:
Sneha Bhagat
Co-Founder and VP, Customer Success

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