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Generations of Growth: The Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP Insurance Agency Story

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In this episode of the 30 Minutes with an Insurance CEO, host Raution Jaiswal, CEO and Co-Founder of InsuredMine, talks with Pete Bibby, the managing partner of Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP. The discussion opens up with a brief history of the agency founded in 1955 by Pete’s father and uncle post their service in the Korean War. Pete shares his transition from engineering to insurance, his early challenges, and the evolution of the agency. The conversation covers topics such as the importance of employee selection, the role of technology in enhancing agency operations, the impact of market cycles on the insurance industry, and the strategic significance of mergers and acquisitions. Pete emphasizes the importance of culture, the right partnerships, and being growth-minded. He also highlights the personal fulfillment of working with family and the legacy he wishes to leave for the next generation. This episode offers valuable insights into managing an insurance agency’s growth, embracing technology, and navigating industry challenges over decades.


Guest Speaker

Pete Bibby

Managing Partner at Bibby, Brilling & Associates, LLP


raution jaiswal headshot

Host Speaker

Raution Jaiswal

CEO & Cofounder @ InsuredMine

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