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Resilience and Growth: The Story of Terry Hyland and Hyland Insurance

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About this Podcast

In this podcast episode, Raution Jaiswal, CEO and co-founder of InsuredMine, speaks with Terry Hyland, the CEO of Hyland Group, Hyland Insurance. Terry shares the history of Hyland Insurance, how the company has grown through acquisitions, and its operations in Louisville, Kentucky. He also discusses how Hyland Insurance uses technology to improve its services, the importance of clear vision and goals for a team, and the value of trust in cultivating relationships with employees. Terry also offers his thoughts on the current state of the insurance industry and the impact of data on decision-making. Additionally, he shares his approach to leadership and the importance of having the freedom to innovate.


Guest Speaker

Terry Hyland

CEO of Hyland Insurance


raution jaiswal headshot

Host Speaker

Raution Jaiswal

CEO & Cofounder @ InsuredMine

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