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InsuredMine: Google API Data Compliance

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Insuredmine complies with Google API policy, using data obtained for specific purposes. Our practices align with Google’s principles, including Limited Use Disclosure, and ensuring responsible data usage.

Google Limited Use Disclosure

Insuredmine enhances its user-facing features by leveraging restricted scope data from the Google API, specifically Gmail for communication. This enables the application to provide relevant updates and insights on insurance policies, ensuring responsible data use for an improved user experience.

Appropriate Access:

Developers at InsuredMine only request access to scopes designated for permitted Application Types, as specified in the product’s policy or on the Google Developer Page.

Under the “Appropriate Access” heading, we adhere to the predefined categories to ensure compliance with Google’s standards.

Limited Use:

InsuredMine acknowledges the significance of limited use and commits to the following requirements. We limit data use to providing or enhancing user-facing features prominently displayed in our application’s interface.

  • Data transfers are restricted, and permitted only under specific conditions:
  • To enhance appropriate access or user-facing features with explicit user consent.
  • For security purposes, such as investigating abuse.
  • To comply with applicable laws.
  • As part of mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, with explicit prior user consent.

Prohibited Interaction:

Insuredmine strictly prohibits human access to read restricted-scope user data. The data retrieval process, such as pulling insurance-related information, is conducted through automated programs.

  • User consent is obtained for support purposes.
  •  It is necessary for security reasons.
  •  Compliance with applicable laws is required.
  •  Aggregated and anonymized data is utilized for internal operations.


Insuredmine adheres to Google’s policies, avoiding user consent for data sharing with insurance partners. We utilize alternative sources for accurate information, aligning with Google’s guidelines on user data consent. Refer to Google API Services User Data Policy for more details.
InsuredMine does not share any data with the third party AI Models.

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