Agency Management System or CRM? How Using Both Help Produce Better Customer Data?

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Agency Management System or CRM? How Using Both Help Produce Better Customer Data?

Agencies must have a digital-first approach and understand the end-to-end customer experience. You need to connect multiple sources of data to create a complete 360-degree view of your clients and their insurance needs. That’s why you need a CRM that will go along with your existing Agency Management System.

During this webinar we’ll discuss:

1. How Agency Management Systems (AMS) is a central component to most agencies
2. The role of CRM in boosting an agency’s efficiency to help grow revenue and improve client retention
3. How both systems are great partners and should be frequently used in tandem to help drive agency growth

including –
A. Agency management systems – Double Click
B. AMS And/or CRM
C. Pre-CRM
D. Why InsuredMine


Raution Jaiswal

Co-Founder @InsuredMine

Raution Jaiswal is the co-founder of InsuredMine, an insurtech focused on redefining user experience for Agencies and Policy holders power boosting any agency management through Sales and Marketing Automation.

Sean Williams

Managing Director @social titan insurance

Sean Williams is the owner of social titan insurance, Most insurance agents just sell insurance. he don’t. he provide mortgage referral partners with leads and more deals.

Brian Bandrowsky

Operations Manager at SecureRisk

Insurance professional with experience in multiple industry facets including Agency Operations, Claims, Marketing, and Client Relations.

Dawn Standage

Director @Barney Insurance

All in one integrated System to optimize and grow your agency