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Rollo Insurance Group

Driving Growth, Deepening Customer Relationships

, Rollo Insurance Drives Growth, Deepens Customer Relationships
, Rollo Insurance Drives Growth, Deepens Customer Relationships


Rollo Insurance Group

, Rollo Insurance Drives Growth, Deepens Customer Relationships


College Station, Texas

, Rollo Insurance Drives Growth, Deepens Customer Relationships


Agency situation

Before using InsuredMine, Rollo Insurance agency, a family-operated insurance firm with significant growth, faced challenges in sales pipeline management and technology integration, hindering their ability to efficiently track leads and strengthen relationships with carriers, clients, and technology collaborators. Their primary goal was to empower their sales producers with a technology solution for enhanced sales performance.


After adopting InsuredMine, Rollo Insurance streamlined their operations with a consolidated platform, integrating tools and improving connectivity through Applied Epic. Customizable sales dashboards and agent monitoring enhanced their client and partner relationships.


InsuredMine delivers a seamlessly integrated process that scales effortlessly, allowing Rollo Insurance agency to efficiently manage customer relationships and leads.


Rollo Insurance is a privately owned and family-operated insurance agency that was established in 2000 by Jason Rollo. Since that time Rollo Insurance has expanded from a one-man shop to a firm with around 60 offices and over 200 people. Their growth is notable, considering that in 2019, they operated with just 14 offices. As a large full-service agency, they combine large agency resources with a personalized, ‘mom and pop’ atmosphere to each of the communities where a Rollo Insurance location can be found. They prioritize community involvement and combine traditional and tech-driven methods to enhance customer relationships as they grow.


Rollo Insurance encountered a critical challenge – the need for effective Pipeline Management to ensure their sales producers remained organized and could efficiently track their leads. With their primary goal being to empower their producers with the best technology solution for enhanced sales performance, there was a significant demand from the team to address this need.

They also aimed to strengthen relationships with carriers, clients, and partners, including technology collaborators like Applied Epic.

As an agency, our goal is to ensure that we provide our producers with the best technology stack available.
, Rollo Insurance Drives Growth, Deepens Customer Relationships
Daniel Horn
Director of IT

Solutions and Benefits

Rollo Insurance sought an ideal CRM solution, but previous attempts lacked industry specificity and compatibility with their management system. They valued seamless alignment with their unique needs and focused on delivering exceptional service to clients through technology integration.

, Rollo Insurance Drives Growth, Deepens Customer Relationships

InsuredMine consolidates multiple tools in one place and becomes the system our producers can hop in to make money. It connects to our agency management, phone system and other tools so it becomes the home base to close more.”

Jackson Rollo

Applied Epic Integration

By utilizing InsuredMine’s robust integration functionality, Rollo Insurance harnessed data-driven integration with their agency management system to streamline workflows and improve connectivity across the entire insurance lifecycle. This enabled them to automate processes and efficiently rectify prior system discrepancies with agile and cost-effective solutions.

Sales Dashboard & Pipeline

As soon as Rollo Insurance signed up for InsuredMine, they started building a pipeline to fit their sales process exploring deals management, adding custom fields, and sales dashboards analytics. Daniel describes, “It’s a lot easier to use and learn than you think it might be, which is a win.” He further adds, “The tool is incredibly intuitive. We love how customizable the pipelines are and meet the needs of our large and growing agency.”

Another crucial element, as described by Daniel, is that “InsuredMine enables us to monitor agents’ actions effectively and incentivize desired behaviors, including activities such as generating Google Reviews and creating deal cards.”

, Rollo Insurance Drives Growth, Deepens Customer Relationships

Jackson Rollo


“The pipeline feature stands out as the highlight of the tool for me. The capability to monitor, facilitate, and oversee sales all in one central location is a game-changing advantage.”

Relationship Management

In an industry emphasizing personal relationships, agencies aim to forge connections by blending traditional client interactions with innovative technology-driven strategies. As a customer-centric business, “Jackson explains, ”Our goal was to enhance the quality of relationships with carriers, clients, and various partners. We wanted to work with a technology partner who could offer long-term solutions, listen, adjust and evolve in tandem with our growing needs on the platform.”

Implementation Process

Implementing InsuredMine initially raised concerns about complexity and adoption. Daniel's initial worries faded as the platform proved user-friendly and well-supported, with him noting, "we like InsuredMine more and more the more we use it." The ongoing focus is on maximizing the tool's potential, with Jackson emphasizing, “You will need to invest time and ongoing effort to continue to squeeze the most out of it.” Regarding product adoption, Daniel stated that they encouraged the team through "comprehensive training and collaboration with the InsuredMine team."

“The difference in our culture and enthusiasm for the tool has changed in a very positive way since rolling InsuredMine out.”

Jackson Rollo | President

Business Impact

Rollo Insurance focused on improving their customer relationship, agency management integrations and market connectivity. As such, with InsuredMine, they are able to foster client engagement, drive sales revenue growth, and connect to carrier partners all while preserving the cherished "mom and pop" agency feel across their numerous branches. Beyond accomplishments, they value InsuredMine's long-term support and personal engagement, which embodies genuine success. “We wanted to work with a technology partner who could solve problems with us over time, listen, adjust and evolve with us as we grew within the platform. We saw the vision of InsuredMine and were excited that they would come on-site and train and interact in person.”

“InsuredMine is now the one single place that Rollo Insurance uses for new business tracking.”

Jackson Rollo | President

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