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Work quickly without putting in hours to write client emails and messages with perfect content. Take a shot at ready email templates built specifically to help you get a grip on your drip campaigns. All you have to do is add your business logo, select the group you are targeting, and hit the send button.

Free Email template builder

Create custom emails in conformity with your brand color palette. Select from a range of font and color options to suit your desired layout. Additional Call to Action modules can be added at your convenience. Embedding HTML links and other code scripts to your template is also possible.

The email template builder comprises of two segments: Appearance and Content.

  • Appearance: Choose the layout mode you desire and even check the mobile view of it.
  • Content: Create powerful content with structures, blocks, and modules. 

Minimize the scope of error

When you choose a content template that has been carefully designed by professionals, there is less chance of grammatical or language mistakes. Not only the content, but the layout of the templates also fosters a better opening rate. 

Text messages

Build text messages content and its progression sequence. Push forth, text messages as event triggers. Leverage features of adding text template content to make your campaign outright fabulous. Connect better with clients and agents alike.

Cut repeated content creation task with templates

Welcome messages, birthday greetings, policy approval, due date reminders can all be structured. There is no need to write each message separately for an agent or client every time the event occurs. Templates are thus formulated to be categorized under workflow mails, workflow automation, work email and text messaging.

Share Templates with your team

Pass on your templates to your team for greater efficiency and task management. Click on the template name and select the action – “Share” from the Action menu in the template window. Save it for a future date or send it immediately as you choose.


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