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Thank you – Dear Customers!

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As the CEO and co-founder of InsuredMine, I proudly represent a talented team committed to delivering the best solutions for agencies to grow and thrive.  We measure our success by the tangible outcomes that our clients achieve and take great pride in their ongoing positive feedback.  Because of our satisfied clients and their collective voice, the InsuredMine brand signifies partnershipvalue delivered and the promise of a brighter future.

So imagine my surprise when I recently learned of comments in a forum that ran contrary to everything that InsuredMine is and represents.

In response to an agency owner’s inquiry in a facebook group about InsuredMine, another forum member referenced a conversation with “a salesperson” from an alleged competitor who told her that InsuredMine engaged in deceitful practices and is under litigation. We immediately followed up with the forum member (and others later referenced by her) as well as her, to ask for any evidence for her allegations.  None was produced.  This is not surprising, because the allegations are simply not true. Most likely the member giving recommendation is a fake account, as mentioned by FB group admin (so they blocked her). Let me be very clear: InsuredMine engages all its prospects and clients with respect, integrity and an unmatched commitment to their success, all of which has enabled our continued growth and ability to improve on the already leading suite of products in our industry.

But the real objective of my post is not to rehash unfounded allegations, but to thank the growing core of informed InsuredMine followers and satisfied clients who stepped in at the Facebook group with facts and their positive experiences.  I also want to thank the agency owner who had initially inquired about us for pursuing the facts and trusting the overwhelming brightness of validated client references.  Very soon, we will welcome her as a new InsuredMine client.

I invite you to learn from her experience and to join her, like many others, in an InsuredMine partnership to better your agency and its future.  I look forward to staying connected with you and to your ongoing thoughts on how we can better serve you and your agency.

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