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Thank you from Raution Jaiswal (Founder)


ThanksGiving 2017 insurance thank you, Thank you from Raution Jaiswal (Founder)
Dear U.S. Team & InsuredMine Believers,

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I want to say how greatly I appreciate the contributions you make to InsuredMine. This year is very special as this is our year 1 and we have come a long way from an idea to a product that is out there helping people organize insurance. This is just a beginning and I am absolutely positive we will have a much larger community with deeper and wider product offerings to influence larger insurance consumer community. This would not be possible without dedicated support from each of the team members and all the continuous feedback from user community who believe in InsuredMine.

Thank you for being part of InsuredMine. I hope you enjoy the long holiday weekend with family and friends.

ThanksGiving 2017 insurance thank you, Thank you from Raution Jaiswal (Founder)
Raution Jaiswal
Founder & CEO

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