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Discover how InsuredMine is helping TWFG agencies automate customer engagement, streamline sales automation process, onboard new customers and reduce more than 3 hours of daily work.

Actionable Training

With a holistic understanding, you'll be well-equipped to unlock the full potential of our offerings and drive success in your agency growth.

Virtual Training

Enjoy the convenience of remote learning while exploring basic setup of IM accounts, eVo integrations, and navigating the modules.

Course Completion Certificate

Obtain a course completion certificate after successfully completing all training modules.

Get Trained.

InsuredMine’s training and certification platform is exclusively tailored for TWFG agencies, providing you with exclusive access to specialized modules that enrich your understanding of InsuredMine products. These modules not only enhance your product knowledge but also impart best practices for leveraging our comprehensive suite of tools effectively in your daily workflow. By earning certificates and badges through our platform, you can distinguish yourself from the competition and showcase your expertise in the field

, TWFG Resources


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, TWFG Resources

eVo Integration

Learn more about how to get started and see the data migration process in action.

Engagement Automation

Explore the engagement module in InsuredMine with templates and Google Reviews. Learn more about Custom workflow automation for triggering campaigns or discount offers on particular occasions such as birthday, new clients, expiration, x-date trigger, and more.

Renewal Automation

Learn more how TWFG agent, Damon Cook used InsuredMine to manage his renewals better.

, TWFG Resources

TWFG Resource Guide

Uncover the training essentials and helpful how-tos for InsuredMine and data integration.

Coming Up

Upcoming Training Schedules

Explore training events and workshops happening in the near future. We’ve got a lot lined up!

, TWFG Resources

Renewal Process

Create a customized renewal process from the ground up, exploring various strategies to establish strong connections with your clients and ensure timely renewals.

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eSignature and Forms

Learn how to seamlessly integrate personalized forms onto your agency website, enabling efficient communication with your leads. Utilize the user-friendly Drag and Drop builder functionality to effortlessly create online forms.

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Meet Our Team

Introducing our dedicated team! Our InsuredMine point of contact is readily available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out to us for support at any time.

, TWFG Resources
Sharnay Stone

Training and Customer Success

, TWFG Resources
Kunal Chakraborty

Training and customer success

, TWFG Resources
Monserrat Soto

Customer Success

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