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Via, the Virtual Insurance Assistant from InsuredMine


You may know at least one of these names – Siri, Alexa, Jarvis, or Cortana – the cloud-based chatbots making millions of lives easier. Joining the party now is the all-new chatbot Via, the Virtual Insurance Assistant from InsuredMine. With artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming more deeply integrated into everyday lives, it appears that the time is ripe for a second industrial revolution. According to a recent report by Grand View Research, experts expect the global chatbot market to reach $1.23 billion by 2025, a compounded annual growth rate of 24.3%.  With the insurance industry’s pace of technology adaptation, chatbots are sure to transform the future of insurance management.

Via, Via, the Virtual Insurance Assistant from InsuredMine

Via is the free Virtual Insurance Assistant from InsuredMine. Powered with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning, Via is sure to transform the way you manage your policies online.  Our human-computer interaction testing over the past several months has enabled us to create this intelligent virtual insurance assistance that you can use anytime anywhere to answer questions about your policies. If you don’t feel like typing in or scrolling through details to get to what you are looking for, just tap one of our most requested popular questions from a selection, and Via will bring up the screens you want.

Aligning with our goal to enhance customer experience, our chat bot can answer any random inquiry posted by a customer. With our latest version of Via, customers can also use verbal commands to interact.  Feeling bored? Start a conversation with her. Ask her about the weather or what’s going on in the world. She will interest you with some small talk. Via is not only intelligent but is friendly with customers.  Via helps customers in many ways and provides:

  • Coverage details and policy-related questions
  • Information on due dates and amounts due
  • Easy communication with agents as needed
  • Quotes to policy shoppers
  • Small talk to engage customers

Via is more than just a messaging tool. It can be used to make intelligent decisions,” announced Sneha Bhagat, Co-Founder of InsuredMine. “Through active listening from social media, Via can sense signals and predict insurance events that can trigger proactive outreach and insurance leads,” added Jaiswal. If a customer posts about a new car purchase on social media, Via can trigger a conversation and perhaps even an automated rating session to educate the customer about auto premiums, and the best deals available to him.

Read about the five-star reviews from our customers that use the app to simply their life:

  • “I love Via. It makes it so much easier to just type in what I want and voila!”
  • “I would recommend the InsuredMine app to everyone I know especially because of the new addition, Via. It is so cool to be able to just type a question instead of going through all the app pages.”
  • “What I like most about Via is that I don’t have to scroll through all the pages to get to what I want. I just type in the question or pick up from the well thought out frequently used questions and my results are in front of me.”

Come, join the growing number of happy customers that are saving time and money by using our free chatbot Via, and let us know your thoughts.

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