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Webinar Recap: Agency Management System or CRM?

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We sat down with the Co-Founder of InsuredMine Raution Jaiswal and guest speakers Sean Williams (Managing Director of Social Titian Insurance), Brian Bandrowsky (Operations Manager at SecureRisk), and Dawn Standage (Director at Barney Insurance) to discuss the debate over Agency Management Systems and Customer Relationships Management systems (also known as AMS and CRM platforms). In our conversation, we covered the benefits of incorporating both platforms into your agency. In this day in age, understanding your client’s insurance needs from every angle is a vital key to success, and having a CRM that adapts to your existing Agency Management System goes a long way. 

Agency Management System (AMS) vs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your Agency Management System (AMS) is a crucial component of any well-functioning insurance agency. It allows for a direct pipeline between your customer data and your insurance agency, and it provides for a single location where this information can be easily accessed to better serve your customers. Dawn Standage says it best, “An AMS serves as an electronic filing cabinet” that organizes all your agency’s vital information such as binding, quotes, and court forms. The bigger the agency, the bigger the amount of data collected that needs to be accessed by many employees across potentially multiple companies and locations. An AMS allows your employees to access this information bank in a streamlined and efficient manner, all leading back to greater customer satisfaction. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your CRM incorporates within your AMS, taking your insurance efficiency a step further. It allows for more specified and pin-pointed actions including customer communication and revenue tracking. Whereas your AMS is designed for a more overarching view and strategy into your insurance agency, your CRM is designed for day-to-day tactical functions from sales to accounting to team and task management. These tactical functions of your CRM are all about putting your customer first. The idea with a CRM is to engage, nurture, and retain customers, turning them into lifelong clients that will eventually become advocates for your agency. 

Harmony Between Your AMS and CRM

Your AMS is built to benefit both the employee and your insurance agency while your CRM is focused on client needs and has the ability to adapt and grow with the client as their needs change. Your CRM is a full circle client relationship management system that’s not only targeting sales but will continually communicate with your clients even after delivery. 

Incorporating both an AMS and a CRM platform into your agency makes sense. One to manage the internal client data across all systems, and the latter to communicate with the client directly. Incorporating both an AMS and a CRM into your company creates overall efficiency that will keep clients coming back for a long time. 


Pre-CRM days at insurance agencies meant that certain aspects of client needs fell through the cracks. Utilizing just an AMS without a CRM is harking back to those Pre-CRM days as your AMS can only do so much for you. An AMS is good for internal data but doesn’t allow you to have an overall picture of what your current client needs are. Your AMS only allows you to see a snapshot of what’s going on and doesn’t show client trends and continuity the way your CRM does which gives your agency the ability to access real-time client needs and trends on a micro-level. 

Why InsuredMine is the Smart Play CRM

In the Insurance software world, InsuredMine stands out amongst the crowd. Not only is it the most integrated and efficient CRM in this space, but InsuredMine will actively help you transform and grow your client base. The ability to use InsuredMine as an addition to your existing AMS or as a stand-alone product is what makes this software so versatile. 

InsuredMine allows you to increase your bottom line by boosting your opportunities to land new clients and by making your current clients happy. It’s a simple idea – make your clients happy and they’ll continue to do business with you time and time again. InsuredMine gets you there through automated communication that is unparalleled in the insurance software industry. 

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