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Do Insurance Agents Need A Chatbot?

About this webinar

All Insurance Agents wants to do more with less, better and quicker, easier and faster and now there are smarter technologies to help!

Artificial Intelligence driven Chatbots can help Independent Insurance Agents to power boost their customer service and serve their customers when they want it 24/7.

It uses Natural Language Processing technology like your Alexa, Siri or OK Google that helps you save time and increases customer satisfaction. We will show you during the WEBINAR – 21 ways how chatbot can be used along with your CSR reps.

Join us for an in-depth session followed by Q&A on why you need a chatbot and how it can be used.


raution jaiswal headshot

Main Speaker

Raution Jaiswal

Co-Founder @InsuredMine

Raution Jaiswal is the co-founder of InsuredMine, an insurtech focused on redefining user experience for Agencies and Policy holders power boosting any agency management through Sales and Marketing Automation.

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