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Effective sales strategies to close deals faster- for insurance agents

About this webinar

67 MIN


In English

Learn 5 effective sales strategies to close deals faster. The best part is that the odds are in your favor as the government mandates several of the insurance policies for personal and commercial risk management. In spite of the advantage, we fail to close as many deals as we want because we are busy selling. Learn from the Insurance Industry sales experts on how to create the edge and close and manage more deals than ever.

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss challenges and provide solutions for the obstacles that you face when trying to sell and grow your business.

This is a power-packed panel including:

  • Mick Hunt, CEO of Premier Strategy Box
  • Dr. Billy Williams, President & Founder of Inspire a Nation
  • Charles Specht, President & CEO of Permission Group Insurance
  • Walt Goshert, Advisor Commercial Insurance Guru
  • Ryan Hanley, Founder of Rogue Risk
  • Raution Jaiswal, Co-Founder of InsuredMine

Do You Find That You Or Your Team…

Spends too much time chasing prospects?

Create proposals or quotes for people who seem interested but don’t ever pull the trigger? Feel like a peddler or a vendor instead of a trusted consultant and risk manager? Is unhappy in sales or frustrated with inconsistent results?

Join Us To Learn How To…

Use a selling system to make continuous progress from the sales pipeline to marketing automation Understand and lower barriers to effective communication

Effectively build trust and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Have fun in your sales career!

We hope that what you discover here about selling and sales management will encourage you and your agency to use an efficient and productive system to increase your overall sales and DWP.


Main Speaker

Raution Jaiswal

Co-Founder @InsuredMine

Raution Jaiswal is the co-founder of InsuredMine, an insurtech focused on redefining user experience for Agencies and Policy holders power boosting any agency management through Sales and Marketing Automation.
  1. Mick Hunt
    CEO @Premier Strategy Box
    Michael “Mick” Hunt, an experienced Sales and Operations Executive, assists agents in utilizing data analytics in support of revenue growth for independent agencies. Prior to starting, Premier Strategy Box, he served on IIANC board, and was an Sales Manager for an exclusive Nationwide agency, an independent agency owner, Executive Director of a large Florida-based MGA, and an Independent Consultant. Managed more than $150M in written premiums and $30M in revenues.

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