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Increasing Trucking Business Growth from 0% to 70% with InsuredMine

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1:00 pm

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Step into success with InsuredMine this spring! Come along to our engaging session where our customer success team dives into CRM Pipelines. We’ll be joined by a special guest, Nick Jones, Vice President of Operations at Brewer Insurance Group. Learn firsthand how his trucking business skyrocketed from 0% to 70% growth with InsuredMine.

Dive deeper into InsuredMine’s pipelines, which empowers you to monitor sales opportunities across multiple pipelines and lists. This functionality provides both you and your team with a visual representation of sales productivity. By leveraging pipelines and deal cards, you can effortlessly track your team’s progress from start to finsih, ensuring no details are overlooked.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join our live webinar Wednesday, May 8th at 1 PM CST, where we’ll discuss how pipelines can provide you with a visualization of the progress you’ve made. Make sure to be part of the conversation – tune in!


Main Speaker

Monserrat Soto

Customer Success Specialist

Other Speaker

Nick Jones

Vice President of Operations at Brewer Insurance Group

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