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You know how you send out invoices, then check the mail daily, wishing that the money was just put into your account versus processing payments manually? Well, now you can! With the integration between Insuredmine and tranzpay, you simply log in, check to see who has paid their premium… and give your receptionist an additional coffee break because now she has extra time.

The ability to process payments quickly, effectively, and securely is important for many organizations. Until today, it was reactive and invoices were sent to clients when requested. Now with InsuredMine and Tranzpay integration, it will be a game-changer as analytics will be leveraged to manage and communicate with clients who need to pay through this method, so it is no more last-minute planning or things falling through the cracks.

During this webinar, you will learn the capabilities of these best in their class system as well as a live case study on how this integration is helping clients achieve success and organizational goals to reduce receivables.


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Main Speaker

Raution Jaiswal

Co-Founder @InsuredMine

Raution Jaiswal is the co-founder of InsuredMine, an insurtech focused on redefining user experience for Agencies and Policy holders power boosting any agency management through Sales and Marketing Automation.

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