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Task Triumph: Maximizing Productivity with Tasks in InsuredMine

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1:00 pm

In Weekly

Tasks within the InsuredMine CRM are allocated to sales representatives as they engage with leads, deals, or clients. Various activities such as making calls, scheduling meetings, or sending emails, can be seamlessly scheduled and monitored through the platform. Users can oversee every stage of interaction with a lead, deal, or client, accessing a comprehensive view of both completed and ongoing tasks.

In this webinar, Alex Irizarry, Customer Success Specialist, accompanied by a special guest from Family First Insurance Agency, Michelle Cease, explores the CRM task features designed to streamline data management and organization. The task management feature within InsuredMine CRM helps insurance agencies to create and assign tasks to team members, establish deadlines, and receive notifications upon task completion. Furthermore, the platform offers tracking functionalities enabling agencies to monitor deal progress, pinpoint bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for important tasks. Utilizing tasks will assist in keeping your team focused, prioritizing tasks, and meeting deadlines effectively.


Main Speaker

Alex Irizarry

Customer Success Specialist

Other Speaker

Michelle Cease

Operations Manager

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