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5 Easy Fuel Saving Tips!


The number of cars sold in the US has been increasing every single year. Researchers attribute this boost to various factors like improved economic conditions, easy credit, compelling product and Millennials aging and buying cars. We all love cars for the convenience they provide. While, public transportation is very time consuming, the car is the ultimate blessing. However, when we talk about expenses, cars tend to be far behind public transportation. It is not just the cost of the car that the owner has to bear. Car maintenance and gas costs are the major contributors that chug along with the usage of the car. In the age of inflation, it has become quintessential to save expenses through fuel economy. Below are some fuel saving hacks that will save you some financial hassle.

1. Plan your trips well and carpool when possible

We might drive on the same road multiple times a week to do small tasks. For example, if you were to deposit your check in the bank on one day and run your errands near the bank the second day, why not combine trips? It seems quite obvious that combining tasks and doing them together will save fuel. However, many of us are not consciously planning our trips. So, next time you are off on that last-minute trip to the grocery store, take a moment to think about any other tasks that you need to complete on that way. Also, carpool when possible. Even if you save 0.1 gallons of gas each day, you’ll save more than $130 per year.

2. Do not speed

Research proves that a car requires more energy to maintain its speed on uphill roads; which directly relates to burning more gas. You might lose a few miles per hour on the way up, but you save the same time when you descend. Avoid hard acceleration and braking whenever possible. The below image shows how fuel economy reduces with a higher speed.

Fuel Saving, 5 Easy Fuel Saving Tips!

3. Maintain your car and use the AC sparingly

The aircon puts an extra load on the engine and increases the fuel consumption by approximately 20%. Reduce your AC usage by switching it off when not needed. Make sure to maintain your car by keeping tires properly inflated at all times.

4. Use cruise control – for max fuel saving

It not only reduces the driving hassle, but also provides a much stable gas usage over long journeys.

5. Do not top off your fuel tank

Topping off your fuel tank can soak the emissions system with fuel, and could cause a fuel spill when the fuel warms up. When the fuel nozzle clicks off, the tank is full, don’t add more fuel or round up the dollar amount on the fuel pump.

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