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Adopt Sales & Marketing Automation to Improve Insurance Sales


“Marketing automation can help your business towards the path of success.”

So why should you adopt marketing automation? What are the benefits of marketing automation to your insurance agency business?

As per Nucleus Research, marketing automation improved business productivity by 20 %. As per the analysis, Marketing Automation is a key factor in driving a successful business. Not only the productivity, but it also helps in faster lead conversions. Automation has shortened the sales cycle and also contributed to increased revenues.

Recently Annuitas group performed a research on Marketing Automation. As per the report, businesses who used Marketing Automation to nurture prospects experienced a growth of 451% in qualified leads. Among those nurtured leads, there is a growth of 47 % in lead conversion.

Now, Here’s the point! The data never lies! So, the fact that the Sales Automation helps insurance agencies realize increased marketing ROI and growth has been proved again and again.

Let’s see more in detail how Marketing Automation helps in growing your business to 2x.

Marketing Automation helps to generate better quality leads

, Adopt Sales & Marketing Automation to Improve Insurance Sales

Lead generation is a crucial step in any business’ growth. And if we talk about the Insurance Industry, it’s the leads that’s the seed of business. If nurtured well, it will bear fruits for lifetime!   Adopting Marketing Automation, helps your team to save more time.  They can focus more on developing sales strategy. And can concentrate more on nurturing leads that are promising. Insurance Sales theory: More Prospects= More Customers. So, rather than investing time on daily data and reports, it is worthy to focus more on converting a lead to a client. Marketing Automation helps you to track the prospect’s interest. You can also gaze at their position in your sales lifecycle.

Based on the status of the prospect, you can customize the follow-ups. Driving information from the touchpoints, will help you to rank your leads. This in turn can also help you to drive wider marketing automated campaigns.

Role of Automation in Nurturing leads

Nurturing the leads are quite tricky and time-consuming as well. Guiding a prospect throughout is of worth only when it converts to a client. But not all your leads are going to convert into clients. According to Gleanster Research, 50% of the qualified leads do not convert as they are not ready to buy immediately.

But you cannot afford to keep a constant tab on these leads. Now, here’s the role of Automated communication. Let the computer do the job! Sit back and relax!

Now, if we talk about automated communication, there is a vast array which includes:

  • Trigger-based marketing emails and text messages.
  • Drip email Campaigns to build and maintain interest.
  • Personalized email templates for giving that special touch!
  • Use Automated Communication to Personalize the Customer Journey
, Adopt Sales & Marketing Automation to Improve Insurance Sales

Personalized communication is the key to nurturing leads. An automated communication simplifies the process of delivering the content to the buyer. Through a drip campaign be it email or text you can reach the right buyer at the right time.Marketing Automation helps to capture data, and analyze the customer needs. An automated CRM helps to engage your prospects or clients with the right message at the right time. You can chalk out the future sales plan based on the automated campaign output.

Lead scoring and Lead Grading, are the major tasks done by a Marketing Automation Tool. And a well-designed CRM drives the data gathered by a marketing automation system.

Automated CRM Platform to manage the “Big Data” for smarter decision

Now-a-days everyone is talking about “big data” these days, but very few companies have grasped how to use it . Here’s the role of an automated CRM software/platform comes into the picture. It allows you to embrace the big data and helps you to collect and use the valuable information from that data. A well-designed CRM is a single platform for collecting and storing data. You can also perform and measure your sales /promotional campaigns, and closed-loop reporting. An automated sales platform helps to manage the complete lifecycle of your leads.

Automation brings Sales and Marketing on the same page

Many organizations fail to integrate sales and marketing together on the same page. And it’s not their fault, it’s the old and outdated process that never allows them to do so. Automation has enabled both the sales and marketing teams to work hand in hand to run the workflows. Efficient collaboration between both teams can lead to increased sales volume.

Marketing Automation, has eliminated the manual intervention for lead nurturing process.  There has been a consistent improvement in  the lead quality too. And this has resulted in increased sales revenue!

Improve Business Efficiency with InsuredMine Insurance Marketing Software.

Team up with an effective CRM platform for a 360-degree customer management experience

Are you ready to take this whole marketing automation to the next level? Pair it up with a multi-functional and efficient CRM system. A well-integrated CRM platform with inbuilt insurance marketing automation features can create wonders! You can manage the complete buying cycle from one platform, with the help of a single tool. This is where InsuredMine comes into the picture. We help you to handle the complete sales lifecycle. InsuredMine ensures the smooth flow of the leads through the sales funnel. It identifies the lead’s interests and guides you to pitch the right product at the right time. We also enable you to have custom-tailored sales communication.

Are you an Insurance Agent who is aiming for sales growth? Try out InsuredMine, # No.1 Insurance Sales Automation.  Register to enjoy a free trial of the multi-featured Insurance Sales Software.

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