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Unlock the power of Insurance Marketing Automation


The modern world is now governed by technology. To relay information to customers, we need to seek help from technology. But it is necessary to establish the human connection while communicating with the customers. In the buyer journey, the human connection is important.

With InsuredMine CRM, you can automate the routine sales communication. The ‘set and forget’ method of marketing automation tool will help you free yourself. You will get time to involve with your client success team for other prior tasks.

, Unlock the power of Insurance Marketing Automation

The Benefits of Automation

Automated Communication

Once you analyze your leads, you will identify their interest and how you can relate it to your offerings. Based on your findings, you can set up email marketing automation. And start communicating your business information and offerings to your prospects. This process will help to improve sales promotion strategy.

The marketing automation takes the burden off of your sales team. They can set the communication via drip campaigns. And can get involved in other important tasks.

, Unlock the power of Insurance Marketing Automation

Standard Business Documents

InsuredMine helps you to bring parity in creating business templates and documents. You can integrate templates, sales documents, and other essential items from one platform. Setting one design/ template for sending an automation results in enhancing brand visibility.

, Unlock the power of Insurance Marketing Automation

Automated Business Tasks

A Marketing automation tool is quite beneficial. You can set calendars, reminders, keep notes for follow-up actions and calls. The cloud-based data storage facility helps to access data anytime anywhere.

, Unlock the power of Insurance Marketing Automation

Tailored Service to Clients

InsuredMine CRM includes Insurance sales automation features. And this helps you to set triggers as per the business requirements. You can provide a tailored experience to your clients. For example, you can send customized quotes, send notifications and generate bills.

Through automated communication, you can assist your clients at every stage of the deal. You can create reminder mails, send voicemail, and can even follow up for payment.

, Unlock the power of Insurance Marketing Automation

Customer service teams can route chats and conversations with built-in tools in InsuredMine. For small businesses that do not have the manpower to handle all the inquiries coming their way, the in-built tools of a Insurance CRM can be helpful.

InsuredMine helps you to fulfill customer needs. You can also set internal reminders and notifications. This will allow your team to have peace of mind that the essential tasks are covered, and information is being shared.

Many of the features mentioned above are available with the InsuredMine. If you want to enhance the customer experience then try InsuredMine- an automated CRM platform. You can give it a try without making a large investment. For further queries feel free to get in touch.

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